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7 Day Free ARCS Trial

7 Day FREE Trial: Secure IOT Communication Solution with Universal Robots (ARCS)

Upgrade your Universal Robots with IoT capabilities.

Our easy to install and easy to program solution enables you to be in touch with your robots through a secure connection, which works any time of the day and independently of your location. With the 7-day free trial, you have the possibility to try all the features of the solution.

Simply fill out the contact form and you will receive an activation key within 24 hours.

PREREQUISITES for the ARCS software:

In order to test the ARCS solution you need a Secomea SiteManager and a GateManager account.

To test the SMS functionality of the ARCS software you need a SiteManager with 3G/4G capabilities as well as an SIM enabled card.

If you don’t have the above, you can order a Starter Package from your local distributor: Our International Distributors

For a detailed description of how to work with, and how to get started with the ARCS software, please visit the below link:

For any support related questions, please don’t hesitate to contact Secomea Support at email: or phone: + 45 88 70 86 50

7 Day Free Trial Sign Up

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“The Secomea solution helps us resolve about 50% of the issues that would normally require on-site visits."

- Carsten Givskov
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