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M2M IoT LogTunnel

Easy drag'n drop data tunneling

Secomea’s unique LogTunnel technology is based on intuitive drag ‘n’drop configuration and is completely transparent to IP networks and firewalls, for both the central site and the remote locations.

That means anyone can use it – without involving any IT departments – and your LinkManager access is unaffected.

LogTunnel is designed so that non-IT people can easily set up a complete secure infrastructure for central logging, for example, to a central SCADA system or OPC server.

The Technical Details

LogTunnel is based on a SiteManager in the central log server end that functions as an LogTunnel Master, while remote SiteManagers function as LogTunnel Clients. The LogTunnel Master can be configured to act as either “Pull” Master, or “Push” Master. In Pull mode the log server is the active part that connects to the
devices and collects information. In Push mode, the log server is the passive part, to which the devices will actively deliver data. Both modes can, however, easily be combined.


  • Available for both software and hardware SiteManagers
  • Setup by simple drag-and-drop in the GateManager portal
  • No routing, firewall or tunnel configuration is required
  • Corrective maintenance access (LinkManager) is supported concurrently
  • No need for public addresses exposed on the Internet
  • No dependency on static IP addresses
  • No problem with conflicting IP subnets at remote sites
  • Data usage is logged centrally on the GateManager
  • LogTunnel allows full data tunneling for optimum freedom

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“Having the remote access will save us time and money so we don’t always have to send out an engineer to the site for support visits."

- Nigel Kitchen, Managing Director
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