Cybersecurity and our commitment
to the IEC 62443 series

January 2023

At Secomea, security is at the very core of what we do. And with manufacturing becoming the most attacked industry in 2022, it could not be more important that we stay compliant with the highest possible standards.

So, we want to take a moment to shine a light on our commitment to the IEC 62443 series of standards, since our latest audit and annual stamp of approval.


What is IEC 62443?

IEC 62443 is an international series of standards that addresses cybersecurity for operational technology (OT) in industrial automation and control systems (IACS).

Our newly achieved certification highlights that cybersecurity is a top priority for Secomea and that our company effectively implements the best practice security standards.

The IEC 62443-4-1 certificate confirms that Secomea has implemented a secure by design methodology from the first day of the product development process, which includes complete security lifecycle management and patch management. This certificate also demonstrates Secomea’s capability to:

  • Identify and respond to vulnerabilities
  • Work with customers to mitigate their risks


So, what does this mean for our customers?

With this certification, our customers have further assurance that every stage of the Secomea Secure Development Lifecycle Process meets rigorous cybersecurity standards. In addition to ensuring no “back doors” for attackers to exploit. This certification underscores that we maintain a security culture – and that our products can be trusted to be secure even after new features are added or updates are implemented.

Manufacturers in scope of the NIS2 directive from EU will also have many obligations when it comes to suppliers and so it is essential that our procedures support these manufacturer’s needs, including;

  • Supply chain security
  • The overall quality and resilience of products and services
  • The risk-management measures embedded in them.

It also ensures that this is not just a snapshot, but a product (family) where a secure development process is an essential part of product creation and deeply rooted in the culture of our development teams.

Because security will always be top of mind for our customers, Secomea will continue to build and deliver products that address their security needs.


The future…

We want to say that the IEC 62443-4-1 certification is not only stamp of approval, but a fundamental part in our continual commitment to provide the highest level of security for our customers.

The IEC62443-4-1 is a rigorous, multi-faceted process that involves all aspects of our business, from product development and sales to customer service, marketing, and operations. We also have a comprehensive code of conduct for all partners and distributors who represent us externally.


If you have any questions or would like to understand more about our processes, please do not hesitate to reach out.   


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