The time is right for remote access – Here’s why your business shouldn’t wait to implement a remote access solution

January 2023

Not having a remote access solution can impact the bottom line of your business. Upgrading your solution to remote access equals decreased downtime, savings on prescriptive maintenance efforts, and even savings on staff and travel costs. Advances in technology, security, and ease of use make this the perfect time to take a closer look at industrial remote access for your business. 


“We want to maintain a high level of standardization, not just digitally, but physically. With the Secomea platform, we can support our sites centrally.” 
– Greg, Electrical Platform Leader, Procter & Gamble


Operating in a Changing Reality

To meet the increased pressure of widespread supply chain issues, the long-term effects of a global pandemic, increasing material prices, and labor shortages, many manufacturers have already invested in digitalization – and many more will.

Gain an overview
For your business to realize the benefits of industrial remote access you should start with gaining a central overview of and access to your production equipment – an issue that increases with the size and distribution of facilities.

Proactive maintenance
Having remote access to your manufacturing equipment enables you to collect, process, and analyze data to drive decisions in daily operations and prevent failures before they occur – potentially reducing unplanned downtime.

Delegate access quickly
The ability to effectively identify, deploy and initiate technicians for maintenance is crucial for ensuring quick issue resolution and lowered costs. Being able to delegate access remotely (even to remote technicians) can remove non-value activities and result in four times as much ‘wrench time.’


“There are no security issues to worry about because the entire Secomea system is certified according to IEC62443 security standards” 
– Peter Clarke, General Manager at ECS Power & Control Ltd


Plan your downtime

The average manufacturer experiences 800 hours of downtime each year – but not all downtime hits equally. While planned maintenance can be managed, unplanned downtime severely affects the entire value chain. 


Map Out Your Change Journey  

Enabling remote access to your systems challenges your operation in a new way. Having a solid and cross-functional understanding of what you want to achieve is crucial for alignment. A good way of doing this is to map out your change journey. Understanding where you are, where you wish to be and what you want to have changed is central to achieving your remote access goals. The time is now to take the first step on your change journey towards a remote access solution.  


If you’d like to learn more about how a remote maintenance can help optimize your operations, click here to download our complete download our Buyer’s Guide to remote access management solutions.


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