ESTS opens new revenue stream with SiteManager


On-site maintenance visits are more effective if you know what the faults are before you start your journey. You’ll be sure to turn up with the right spare parts or, better still, you may be able to fix the problem remotely and save yourself the trip. There are, however, potential problems with remote access and online diagnostics if your customers can see what you’re doing as you do it. If they get to know your access password, they could be tempted to fix future faults themselves, which could easily make things worse.


The Challenge:
Wasted on-site visits

ESTS, an award-winning UK-based manufacturer of the Logiclave® Range of autoclaves and steam sterilisers, was well aware of these issues when it decided to see whether remote access could streamline its maintenance service. ESTS manufactures a range of autoclaves used in hospitals, research institutions, and the healthcare, biotech, and pharmaceutical industries.

For many of these customers, an autoclave is a business-critical item of equipment. So ESTS offers a 24-hour response service, with on-site visits usually achieved on the same day as the call-out. But those visits are potentially wasted journeys if the customer hasn’t reported the fault correctly. Anything that helps to make this super-fast service more efficient would have a huge benefit for ESTS and its customers.


The solution:
Highly effective, low-cost solution

ESTS turned to Secomea for a remote-access solution after an enthusiastic recommendation from one of its suppliers. It was soon clear that SiteManager would be a highly effective, low-cost solution based on a one-off charge.

SiteManager is also easy to configure, which made it absolutely right for ESTS. Instead of a single VNC (virtual network connection), which would allow customers to see passwords and other critical programme information when an engineer was connected, ESTS technicians used LinkManager Mobile to create multiple VNCs. By setting up multiple agents with the same IP address, they can target different ports and different visualizations during a single online maintenance session. One port provides a chat screen for engineer and customer to communicate, while a second screen on another port keeps the engineer’s work hidden from the customer.


The result:
Discovered an unexpected benefit of secure remote access.

There are numerous other advantages. SiteManager cuts travel time, has made site visits more efficient (visiting engineers always have the right parts to fix faults previously diagnosed online), and allows ESTS to update software remotely.

ESTS has also discovered an unexpected benefit of secure remote access. It can now offer online diagnosis both as an additional service and/or incorporated into maintenance agreements SLA’s. Fault-finding used to be a drain on resources, now it’s a profitable new revenue stream.

Our Distributor Partner in the United Kingdom, BPX Electro Mechanical Co. Ltd, supplies and supports ESTS with Secomea Secure Maintenance Solution.


About ESTS

ESTS is an award-winning UK-based service provider and manufacturer of the Logiclave® Range of autoclaves and steam sterilisers used in hospitals, research institutions, and the healthcare, biotech, and pharmaceutical industries. By utilizing its Secomea Solution, ESTS has upgraded its customer service and support with a new remote access package, Logiclave Remote. Through continued investment and product development, ESTS has become the preferred supplier of autoclaves, sterilizers and associated equipment to many prestigious UK based organisations.


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