MacArtney fulfills an ambition to provide fast and timely quality service


By using the Secomea solution, MacArtney equips their specialists with remote access to troubleshoot and adjust issues on machines that otherwise would require travel to the site. This promotes optimization of MacArtney’s technical resources and saves their customers considerable costs.


The Challenge:
Time-consuming on-site visits

MacArtney former A. Schmidt’s Marine EL (ASME) is a leading provider of total solutions for renewable energy and offshore solutions. MacArtney specializes in turnkey solutions that are tested ashore and are adjusted optimally on site. MacArtney aspired to provide its customers with responsive high-quality service, which was a challenge due to time-consuming on-site visits.

“The Secomea solution helps us resolve about 50% of the issues that would normally require on-site visits. This allows us to fulfill our ambition to provide fast and timely quality service„

– Carsten Givskov, Software Engineer at MacArtney.

The Solution:
Considerable cost savings

MacArtney uses the Secomea solution to provide remote access for the MacArtney specialists to troubleshoot and adjust the system, which otherwise would require a specialist to travel on site. This does not only allow for optimization of MacArtney’s technical resources; the fast attention to issues also saves the customer considerable costs associated to the equipment being unavailable and potential docking of the ship.The primary need is to remotely access the Ethernet or Serial based PLC, which is the main control for the equipment. But since the Secomea SiteManager also supports USB, it is possible to remotely access and trouble shoot USB devices such as the Schneider frequency converters.

“The Secomea solution helps us resolve about 50% of the issues that would normally require on-site visits. This allows us to fulfill our ambition to provide fast and timely quality service. The Secomea solution’s ease of setup and use, combined with Secomea’s excellent support, means that we can keep full focus on the customer’s issue. Secomea is also the only solution we have seen that can remote access our USB connected devices”, says Carsten Givskov, Software Engineer at MacArtney.

An example is ship deck mounted winch systems for managing towed underwater robot vehicles. For this configuration MacArtney uses PLCs, combined with frequency converters. By using electrical controls instead of hydraulics, the equipment handles wave compensation with high precision and fast response time for effective adaption to the rough conditions at sea.

The Secomea solution allows for remote access to both Serial, Ethernet and USB connected devices, which enables MacArtney to offer any type or brand that the customer wants. It is even possible for the customer to have e.g. an uninitialized frequency converter on board, which they just plug into the Secomea SiteManager’s USB port, and then the MacArtney engineer can load the configuration into it remotely.


About MacArtney

MacArtney is a global supplier of turnkey renewable energy solutions including high quality products, fully integrated systems and innovative, tailored solutions from design to installation, education and training as well as service. MacArtney is among the world leaders in its field of high technology underwater equipment operating subsidiaries on a worldwide scale.


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