Redpack cuts downtime in the food and beverage industry


Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, food and beverage manufacturers have been working harder than ever to maintain vital food supplies. The industry was quick to act, reducing product lines to basic needs, and rearranging schedules to maintain output and planned maintenance work. Luckily users of Redpack flow-wrapping machinery were able to keep on top of potential equipment faults through remote-monitoring technology installed free-of-charge by Redpack. The technology enabled Redpack engineers to minimize downtime through swift and early interventions.


The challenge:

Redpack Packaging Machinery supplies flow-wrapping machinery for a wide range of manufacturing sectors, with a particularly strong presence in fresh food and pharmaceuticals. Providing first-class support to customers across 35 countries was a challenge even before social distancing rules came into force. During the pandemic, restrictions on travel and face-to-face contact made installations and breakdown support much trickier.

A fast-changing situation also affected production. Since consumers expected an uninterrupted supply of food and drink, manufacturers were under increased pressure to maintain production levels. As a result they relied even more heavily on support from their supply chain to help avoid unplanned downtime and machine failure.

“Remote access with SiteManager improves the service we offer our customers. This easy-to-use technology saves time, cuts costs and keeps downtime to the minimum. Our ability to monitor the performance of our flow-wrap machines, and to adjust or reprogram remotely, also helps us extend the lives of our customer’s equipment. SiteManager is a win for everyone: we generate additional revenues through service contracts; our customers’ lines flow more smoothly and they earn a better return on their investment.”

– Tom Payne, Electrical Manager at Redpack.

The solution:

UK-based Redpack is the kind of company that likes to stay ahead of the game. Before COVID, it was already offering its customers the option of remote diagnostics and support using SiteManager. When the pandemic struck, it went one step further: it volunteered to supply SiteManager and remote access free-of-charge with all new installations. Redpack’s commitment was open-ended: it will continue to provide SiteManager free for as long as the pandemic lasts.

Redpack also sped up its own production cycle, turning round one order for a flow-wrap machine for face masks in seven days. Another urgent order, involving a four-metre infeed conveyor that allows its two operators to work safely apart, took just four days to despatch.


The result:

SiteManager has eased the pressure on Redpack and its customers. Commissioning of equipment is faster and easier because installation teams now enjoy full online back-up and programing support from Redpack’s office-based technicians. They can do so much more in the limited time they can spend on site with a customer. They’re in and out quicker, which means that manufacturers in all sectors start to earn a payback on their flow-wrap investment sooner.

And those manufacturers in the food and beverage sector that need to keep the public fed are sleeping easier. They know that Redpack has the ability to keep a 24/7 watchful eye on their equipment, should they need it. If Redpack spots a potential fault or a maintenance issue, its engineers can deal with it immediately. Some issues they can fix remotely. Others can be dealt with quickly on site before they develop into an expensive, production-halting fault.

Everyone benefits with SiteManager. F&B manufacturers keep their lines running, which keeps supermarkets well stocked. Remote maintenance eliminates call-out fees (industry rates are typically £1,500 a day) and saves time for Redpack as well as its customers.

Remote monitoring also feeds vital data back to Redpack that it can use to help its customers run their lines more efficiently and extend the working lives of their equipment. The data also helps Redpack refine and optimize future equipment design.

Redpack describes SiteManager as easy to use, cost-effective and time-saving. The technology is so simple to set up and so user-friendly, training isn’t needed. It’s a revenue-generator too. Remote monitoring and maintenance has opened up a new revenue stream for Redpack in the form of service packages.

SiteManager is a win for everyone.


Redpack supplies flow-wrapping machinery for a wide range of manufacturing sectors, with a particularly strong presence in fresh food and pharmaceuticals. Redpack is UK’s leading designer and manufacturer of flow wrapping machines and feeding systems since 1977. The company has an excellent reputation in manufacturing quality products backed up with an unprecedented level of service to its customers in over 40 countries around the world.


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