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At Secomea, skilled employees are our most important resource. So, we’re always looking for competent people who can strengthen our capabilities.

We offer an exciting workplace in a dynamic, young company that offers many development opportunities. We aspire to create good conditions for our employees so they can build their careers. We believe in our employees’ skills, and that’s why we give them responsibilities in an open, trusting environment where everyone is expected to show initiative. Teamwork and knowledge sharing are important too. The tone is informal, but it’s characterized by a strong collegial unity in a flat organization where the employees, to a large extent, help set the agenda.

We work hard, take care of our team and have fun along the way.

“As an accounting trainee at Secomea A/S I have a lot of diversity in my daily tasks,
whilst being given responsibility and trust in maintaining those tasks to the fullest.
This gives me a great deal of personal confidence, as well as security in knowing
that I am learning everything I need to and more.„

– Ruth Djurhuus Jakobsen, Accountant

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At Secomea our values are defined as an essential part of our DNA and culture.

Our values are important to us. Are they important to you?


Having the courage to adjust and align with goals

We have the confidence to think big. Being the world’s leading provider of secure remote access solutions requires unrivaled vision, innovation and execution.

We constantly strive to be our best. So, we arrive every day inspired to make an impact through our talents, passion and dedication.

We have the courage and confidence to challenge the status quo, innovate and find new ways to move forward.


Constantly seeking new knowledge

We’re passionate about learning, improving and innovating. We learn from others and from our challenges and successes.

We push for boundless creativity through knowledge and curiosity; by constantly seeking personal and professional growth.
We want our teams to be responsible for their self-development.

We strive for transparency by sharing information, our mistakes and our victories.


Identifying with the recipient

Quality is essential for every product. Our customers know that we mean what we say . . . and say what we mean.

We have high standards, execute on the details and take pride in our work.

We’re proud to provide the best customer service, internally and externally.

Together we’re stronger. We deliver success through shared goals, mutual support and quality in our collaboration.

Diversity, environment & responsibility

At Secomea, we believe our values are best demonstrated in practice. Further, we believe we are only as successful as our support for our employees, partners and the world at large. From efforts improve environmental sustainability, through to our rigorous anti-exploitation policies covering the length of our supply chain, we strive to provide a net positive through our business.

Secomea is committed to enriching and nurturing our employees. Our services for our staff range from funding language and skill development courses, through to support for disability, remote work, and maternity/paternity.


Secomea is an international company. English is our primary language of business, and we have over thirty different nationalities represented in our head office alone.

Age range

At Secomea, we believe a diversity of opinions and views make for a strong, competitive vision. Our employees cover a range of ages at a range of seniority.


Secomea is an LGBTQIA+ friendly organization, not simply in sentiment, but also in policy. We proudly include LGBTQIA+ staff in our managerial positions.


Copenhagen, Denmark – Tokyo, Japan – Charlotte, USA – Guangzhou, China


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