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Machine Data Collection

Combine data collection and remote access in one secure solution

Preventive and predictive maintenance

Conduct preventive and predictive maintenance on your machines with Secomea Remote Maintenance for data collection and machine analysis.
Retrieve data with the Data Collection Module and optimize performance with analysis tools in the Data Collection Cloud.

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Machine Builders | Factory Owners

 Data Collection Module (DCM)

  • Collector protocols (Ethernet): 
    Modbus, OPC UA, Siemens S7, Rockwell CIP/ Ethernet/IP, http generic (json, xml etc.), Simulator 
  • Data Server (Cloud) protocols: 
    AWS, Azure, Schneider Machine Advisor, Cumulocity, Alibaba/Aliyun, Secomea DCC
  • Edge computing capabilities: 
    Aggregations (avg, max/min, compute etc.), Eventtriggered alarms 
  • Store and forward capacity: 
    Default 80MB internal Flash, up to +64 GB 


Data Collection Cloud (DCC)

  • Rolebased management.
  • Intuitive dashboard builder 
  • Central DCM config management 
  • TLS encrypted and highly compact IoT protocol 
  • Extra device validation via M2M GateManager server  
  • Location service/Map 
  • API for external data processing 
  • Transparent price model 


Machine Builders – Overall Machine Monitoring and Service

Data Collection makes it possible to offer a more proactive service package in a standard service contract. Monitor and track machine consumables and optimize customers’ logistics to prevent bottlenecks. Track wear and tear for spare parts to plan downtime, prevent breakdowns, and make sure stock is in place in time for replacement. Ensure constant real-time monitoring of machine health, production status, and historical analysis.

Factory Owners – Optimization of Production

Data Collection becomes a must-have for optimizing production based on Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) standards. Further analysis of aggregated data in the cloud gives a clear picture of what, when, and where errors or underperformance occur. This enables operators to swiftly enact countermeasures, eliminating the problem in the future and operating at maximum speed and capacity.

IoT Cloud Logging

SiteManager’s Data Collection Module supports a variety of IoT clouds. It can even deliver data to multiple clouds concurrently. And if you lose your Internet connection, the local Store-and-Forward database ensures uninterrupted logging.

Edge Computing

The Data Collection Module supports a wealth of edge computing features, such as event triggers and smart aggregations. It lets you extract exactly the information that has value to you, which reduces the volume of data to be transferred.


Field Data Collection

The Data Collection Module supports the most popular device protocols: OPC UA, Modbus, Rockwell CIP and Siemens S7. Additionally, you can collect XML, JSON or similar Web formats using the Web-collector. Configuration is centrally administered and easily adjustable.

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