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Ferlo build machinery for the food and pharmaceutical industry, specializing in handling systems for closed containers, autoclaves, retort rooms, complete automatic circuits for all type of containers, pasteurization tunnels and complete process lines for food.

With 92% of their machines sold to international customers in North America, Central America, South America, South East Asia, Africa and the Middle East, Ferlo needed to choose a solution which both they and their clients could trust. By installing Secomea on their machines, Ferlo offer a high level of security to their international clients and an added assurance for all the machine processes they provide. The Secomea SiteManager 1129 is installed on the machinery and connected to a Compact Logix from Allen Bradley. Ferlo connect with the LinkManager for programming and control of their machinery installed across the globe via the Secomea hosted cloud service.

“With Secomea Remote access, Ferlo can offer a fast response time and a fast solution to possible issues” says Giancarlo Guaglione of Ferlo, “We have improved our customer service and have the trust of our customers as a machine manufacturer which is primordial for us when supplying machinery to so many international markets”.

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„Der GateManager von Secomea erleichtert die Durchführung von Wartungsarbeiten an jeder Anlage.“

- Tomi Airo, Chief Information Officer bei Parma
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