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Nexdorf Electrical

Reach sites in remote areas with Secomea 3G

Nexdorf Electrical was established in 2002 in south Wales and has recently expanded with the introduction of a northern division in Derbyshire. We design, build and install control systems and have extensive knowledge of integrating hydraulic and pneumatic control systems.

Our controls are predominantly used in conveying, washing and crushing systems in the mining and quarrying sector in the UK and overseas for private and multinational companies.

Secomea is used to connect, monitor and programme PLCs, SCADA systems and HMIs and is fitted to panels before they go out to site. The software we use is generally Siemens Step 7 and TIA for the Siemens S7-300, 1200 and 1500 ranges of PLCs and RS logix 5000 for the Allen Bradley Compact Logic range.

We mainly use the SiteManager 1139 model with integrated GPRS/3G as the sites we need to access are often located in remote geographic locations.

Secomea is particularly useful for remote access during a system’s warranty period but also to access the systems later on if needed, so we can provide customers with ongoing support.

“For us, Secomea is important as it saves us considerable time and money. Being able to remote access our systems without engineers having to travel to site is a huge bonus. It also means we can offer improved customer service” explained Chris Thorn, Technical Director.

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„Secomea wird schnell zu einem wesentlichen Teil des Steuersystems und ermöglicht uns, einen erstklassigen Kundenservice anzubieten.“

- Technische Direktor Ian Jacob
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