Leverage the Power of Remote Access in the Food and Beverage Industry

How OEM’s and machine builders in the food and beverage industry gain a competitive advantage and increase ROI using remote access.


The F&B industry is in a high velocity market that faces greater business pressures today than it did just a few years ago. The new environment is characterized by higher volume, rising commodity costs, lower margins, changing consumer needs, and tighter regulations.

OEM’s and machine builders need to deliver more flexibility, faster changeovers, and effective maintenance service to help your customers keep up productivity and deliver high quality products at a low cost.

Remote access is a key to achieving that. You need a solution that enables remote access to your customers’ sites to provide fast and effective support and maintenance on machines without compromising the high security demands that are expected from your customers.

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Ensure remote access to machines from anywhere.


Utilize remote access and machine data collection to provide first class customer service in the aftermarket. By offering service packages with ongoing planned maintenance and a proactive approach, you can significantly improve customers’ uptime, which is essential for delivery of high quality and price competitive F&B products.



You save both time and travel costs when reducing the need to send out technicians to troubleshoot and physically access machine issues on site. At the same time, you provide customers fast and effective support on machines and perform ongoing maintenance which increases the life of assets and save costs from unplanned machine downtime. By further combining such on-demand corrective maintenance with continuous data acquisition you can perform preventive maintenance and eliminate failures before they even occur.

In fact, not only will you increase quality and save costs, but you’ll also assist your customers in reducing waste and maintaining a more environmentally friendly profile. This will show the true value of your extended service packages while also enabling new value streams in your business.

We can help you customize your service packages according to your needs.

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“It costs big time, when large production lines don’t run, and our customers cannot wait several days for our programmer to show up. So it’s definitely a competitive factor for us to be able to say to our customers, that we are able to help them any time and can solve any operational issues within a short period of time„

– Hans Christian Jorgensen, Electrical Engineering Manager at Haas-Meincke


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The F&B industry is a highly competitive, fast-paced, and lower margin industry that depends on efficient operations. OEM’s and machine builders need to deliver a flexible, reliable, and competitive machine on time and on budget. A productive commissioning phase is crucial and requires effective utilization of resources, which helps the customer hit the market faster and in a cost-efficient manner.


Fast and easy installation and testing with remote commissioning

Remote commissioning enables faster and easier installation and testing where the installation team and customers can get ongoing support and assistance from remote located automation engineers. In addition, it decreases the complexity of the commissioning processes, as technicians can solve many tasks remotely (e.g., testing systems and settings and adjust the program code on PLCs and HMIs).

Remote access provides you the optimal tool for collaboration between technicians and customers, while saving time and travel expenses. This allows your technicians to be more productive, to use their resources more effectively, and to ultimately avoid delays.

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“Remote access improves the service we offer our customers. Our ability to monitor the performance of our flow-wrap machines, and to adjust or reprogram remotely, also helps us extend the lives of our customer’s equipment. It is a win for everyone: we generate additional revenues through service contracts; our customers’ lines flow more smoothly, and they earn a better return on their investment„

– Tom Payne, Electrical Manager at Redpack


Security is a vital consideration in the modern factory, and you need to give your customers peace of mind concerning security when accessing their control systems or processing equipment remotely. While your customers recognize the need to grant machine builders remote access to their production, they still want to stay in full control while doing so.

To get remote access of a customer’s production facility to perform your service tasks, you must act in compliance with customers’ IT policies. Thus, it is essential that you choose a remote access solution that is designed to meet both operational technology (OT) and IT requirements with strict time-restricted access control down to a single IP-address.

Even though the remote access technology is provided by you as an OEM, machine builder, or service provider, Secomea’s Remote Access Solution includes several handles for the customer to influence and control the processes.

  • Audited for IEC 62443 4-2, and thereby aligns with NIST SP800, IEC62443 3-3 and other OT control standards
  • Vulnerability patching based on formal CVE handling and automatic email notification procedures
  • Possibility for customer to control access by triggering input signal on SiteManager IoT gateway
  • Ongoing maintenance can be shown to operator by connecting light-tower to output port of SiteManager IoT gateway
  • Usage audit to be automatically emailed to customer on regular basis as evidence of your activity

Read more about how Secomea’s Solution ensures cybersecurity at any level.



We have helped many established blue-chip companies within F&B implement remote access in their business models.

Deployed as a SaaS solution, we can customize the remote access solution according to your business processes and ensure that you get the maximum benefit from the solution.

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“Our engineers can now monitor the status and operational data of customer equipment without having to travel. With the installation of a web camera for clear visuals, we can now discover how a problem occurred before visiting the site. This kind of information was difficult to obtain over the telephone. Now we are able to repair equipment more quickly and are enjoying the benefits of remote access„

– Mr. Hideki Sawada, Engineer, R&D Department, R&D Division, Okura Yusoki Co., Ltd.


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