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GateManager Cloud servers

Cloud M2M server

The GateManager™ M2M server is the central component of the Secomea solution.  Typically it is offered as a service hosted by Secomea, or by one of our distributors, but you can also choose to host your own GateManager. Through the web-based GateManager Portal you can administer accounts, manage SiteManagers and devices, and much more.

The GateManager also operates as a secure termination point for all LinkManagers and SiteManagers. All connections and the encrypted traffic between LinkManagers and devices controlled by SiteManagers are handled by the GateManager, which also logs all events.

The center of your solution

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  • Configure LogTunnel with drag’n’drop
  • Administer all user accounts
  • Configure SiteManagers individually or in bulk
  • Replace SiteManagers based on auto backups
  • Organize accounts and devices in domains
  • Upgrade SiteManagers individually or in bulk
  • Bulk firmware upgrade SiteManagers
  • Administer access to specific devices
  • Configure event alerts Monitor event logs
  • Analyze detailed Usage Statistics
  • *NEW* View full audit logs to track all activities


The GateManager cloud server is designed to deliver the convenience of fast and easy web access, while avoiding own server setups. When you choose the GateManager cloud server, you receive an isolated private domain on the GateManager M2M server.


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