Gain secure industrial remote access to any industrial device or network.

Industrial remote access

Easy and secure remote access to any industrial device or network

Connect remotely to your machines anywhere, anytime with a remote access solution designed to meet both OT and IT requirements with the highest level of security and ease of use. In combination with machine data collection, unlock new levels of productivity and cover all remote maintenance tasks in one secure solution.

Secure remote access to industrial control systems


Cybersecurity in the form of high encryption, multi-factor authentication, central user identity management and strict authorization control for remote access to industrial networks and individual devices, such as a PLC and HMI, are standard requirements of both OT and IT departments with a focus on Industry 4.0.

Secure, seamless connectivity to industrial operations

The Secomea Solution is designed to address secure remote access needs at all scales; from small, medium, and enterprise-scale machine vendors servicing thousands of remote machines, to large-scale factories with complex global infrastructures.

For large-scale enterprises, we can scale the remote access solution according to your business processes and infrastructures. Deployed as a SaaS solution, you get the maximum benefit from the solution and secure every level of your industrial network.

Strict remote access control down to a single device or port


OT and IT departments are in full control of security due to our central access management server enabling:

  • Strict remote access control down to a single device or port
  • Time-restricted secure remote access for third party technicians
  • Comprehensive audit trails of all events and remote access sessions
  • Well defined domain structures with increased visibility of infrastructure hierarchies
  • Identity management using 2FA with optional AD integration
  • Alarms and logging features
  • Intuitive UIs, enabling accurate and secure day-to-day machine operation
  • Account on Secomea hosted cloud-based GateManager server, or SaaS agreement with own GateManager hosted by Secomea, or in your own data center or Cloud.


Automation and Service departments will experience easy setup and seamless machine remote access with multiple connection options to PLC, HMI or other industrial systems:

  • Automatic device discovery (PLC, HMI, etc.)
  • Easy industrial IoT gateway setup via USB memory stick
  • Instant secure remote access to ethernet (Layer 2 and 3), USB and serial devices
  • Automatic Windows client installation on first connect
  • Remote access connection to VNC servers from all modern web browsers
  • Optional remote SCADA/MES access to all devices concurrently
  • Industrial IoT Gateways available as both hardware and software
  • Multiple industrial IoT gateway connection methods; WiFi, 4G and Local network
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Easy and secure remote connection to industrial machines


As machines are getting more connected and advanced, the need to service globally installed equipment remotely is escalating. Production is often running 24/7 and immediate action is expected from machine specialists. By using industrial remote access, you ensure instant connectivity to machines where you can respond quickly to operational issues and minimize facility downtime.

Easy and secure remote connection to machines

With Secomea’s Industrial Remote Access to connected machines, you can provide fast and effective support and maintenance on equipment without compromising the high security demands that are expected from your customers. The Secomea SiteManager industrial IoT gateway is installed on the machine as software or hardware with multiple connection options, and access can be controlled to comply with the strictest IT policies. With integrated fleet management and alarm features, you can also support your customers in surveillance operations remotely.

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“It’s definitely a competitive factor for us to be able to say to our customers, that we are able to help them any time and can solve any operational issues within a short period of time„

-Hans-Christian Jørgensen, Electrical Engineering Manager at Haas Meincke.

Gain full control of your industrial network


To ensure productivity, Manufacturers rely on support from third-party machine suppliers. With a single tool, you allow specialists to remotely connect to your machines while maintaining full control of your industrial network and security. Secomea’s Remote Access Solution enables you to reduce maintenance costs, extend uptime and eliminate losses from downtime while keeping your network secure.

Third-party remote access management

With Secomea’s intuitive drag-and-drop web interface, you can remotely manage fine-grained third-party access down to a single IP address, USB, Serial device, or even port on a PLC or HMI. Access can also be limited to specified time slots, and ”who-did-what-when” information is logged centrally.

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“Secomea has saved us time and money, and brought peace of mind by giving selected staff a secure way to remotely connect to our system during critical times such as high-flow events, emergencies, and out-of-town instancese„

– Karyn Highfill, Control Systems Specialist at Springfield.

Remote access with maximum security for building automation.


IoT infrastructures interconnect building equipment with centrally monitored and controlled systems. Buildings are often maintained by many different service providers and using varying types of equipment for HVAC, lighting, elevators, etc. This presents a high–risk vulnerability to cybersecurity attacks. The Secomea Industrial Remote Access Solution provides an industrial IoT platform that secures on-demand remote access to selected equipment, and also secure tunneling to static surveillance using control protocols such as BACnet. You can easily manage who has remote access to which equipment in the building via drag-and-drop user access management.

“The monitoring provided by Secomea has worked perfectly! We have our SiteManager wired into our solar storage batteries via a DC-DC converter, so even if the AC ever goes off we still have communication„

-Glenn Lett, Professional Engineer at Global Neighbors

Remote access for utility with infinite scalability


Utility installations have evolved from simple IOs, to complex programs with central monitoring and control. The Secomea Industrial Remote Access Solution facilitates static tunneling to centralized SCADA systems, concurrently with monitoring access via web browsers and mobile devices, as well as advanced troubleshooting and upgrades via full VPN–type access.

“The most important areas for us are pumping stations, drinking water pumps, and traffic signals. In these installations, it is important to be particularly alert and responsive when problems arise. And when problems do come, Secomea products help„



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Security is built in, not bolted on. The Secomea Solution is designed to meet both operational technology (OT) and IT requirements with security at its core.

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Industrial remote access provides instant connectivity to machines anywhere, anytime. You can respond quickly to operational issues, minimize facility downtime, and reduce time and travel costs. Remote access is key to productivity and increased uptime.

The SiteManager Industrial IoT Gateway features a digital input that you can link to your operator panel or a physical switch, so that only when triggered can a session be established. In addition, a digital output port of the SiteManager can trigger a light-tower that clearly indicates when a remote access session is in progress.

Neither; the Secomea Solution is based on “Relay VPN,” which uses proxy technology instead of routing. This overcomes the network challenges of traditional VPNs while still addressing the security requirements of linking service engineers directly with any type of industrial equipment.

Yes. Although Secomea uses Relay VPN, the result is the same. Secomea’s remote access solution gives you transparent UDP/TCP access via Layer3 and even Layer2, to specific devices, or entire networks, all depending on the type of “agent” configured on the IoT gateway that you have been granted access to.

The Secomea LinkManager Client software creates a transparent VPN connection directly to industrial devices such as PLC’s and HMI’s through an IoT gateway and via a central access management server called GateManager. The central server controls authentication and authentication for the LinkManager account.

Secomea Remote access relies on an Internet based server called GateManager. You can have a free account on one of Secomea’s global GateManager servers, where you can create admin and access accounts for your organization and connect to as many IoT gateways as you like. You can also choose a private on-premise version of the GateManager installed in your data center or in your preferred Cloud, such as AWS or Azure.


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