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Industry 4.0 Certification

ProtectEM GmbH

Secomea solution is Industry 4.0 certified

In November 2015 the remote access solution and components from Secomea were officially Industry 4.0 certified. This ensures compliance and enabling of the Reference Architecture Model Industrie 4.0 (RAMI4.0) with reference to IEC/PAS 62443-3 for the components GateManager, SiteManager, LinkManager, LinkManager Mobile. The certification supplements Secomeas general security certification obtained in 2014.

Industrie 4.0 compliance & enablement audit by ProtectEM GmBH

The Industrie 4.0 compliance & enablement audit was conducted by the esteemed German security organization ProtectEM GmbH led by Professor Dr. Peter Fröhlich who is active member of the security working committee for Industry 4.0. ProtectEM generally specializes in consultancy, concept development and security auditing within industrial and process automation and a range of other industries relying on critical processes.

Provide guidelines for processes and procedures

”The purpose of the audit was to clearly validate if our products were in scope with the current state of the RAMI4.0 architecture and suitable as I40 enablers; and I am proud to see the report confirming that”, says Secomea Product Manager, Peter Koldig Hansen, and continues: ”Another goal was to actively participate in demystifying I40 in relation to secure remote access, and based on the report to provide guidelines for processes and procedures for solution deployment in a way that is fully aligned with I40 criteria”.

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Using Secomea means Singer can be more proactive with customer support and it has reduced the need for engineer call outs.
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