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Applied Marine Automation

Applied Marine Automation: Secomea Case Study

Industry: Marine manufacturing

Application: Remote monitoring


Applied Marine Automation, based in southern England, specializes in control, automation and monitoring systems for luxury boats and superyachts. Their advanced onboard systems require regular updates carried out by Applied Marine programmers.

The company currently uses the Secomea solution for remote monitoring of their systems. When they have a new system to monitor, they simply send a Secomea SiteManager out to the Captain, whether the boat is in the marina or at sea. An Internet connection allows remote access to the boat via a shoreline or over 3G or satellite.

The Internet connection then allows for the remote logging of PLC and touch screen systems, updating software, calibrating settings, installing communications for new or replacement kits and fault finding on the boat.

Applied Marine Design Director Gifford Hooper explains, “Having easy and instant access to control systems as if we were on the boat has made a huge difference to the way we work. The Secomea solution is also great when used in conjunction with video conferencing, so we can speak to the Captain and Engineering Officer as we carry out the programming.”

Using Secomea has already saved dozens of support trips to countries such as the USA, Russia, China and Lebanon. It enhances Applied Marine’s customer support to the boat builder by eliminating the need for travel and dramatically reducing the time it takes to program updates. This reduces the boat’s downtime and improves the end user’s satisfaction with their boat.

The flexibility and development potential were also key factors for choosing the Secomea solution.
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