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Accessing your machinery outside working hours – Secomea solves the problem

In the Czech Republic, the Secomea distributor ELVAC has completed an interesting project with the company ARGUTEC, which is one of the leading manufacturers in the world of machine vision systems, close circuit camera systems and thermal imaging equipment.

During one of their regular customer visits, ELVAC discovered that ARGUTEC often had to travel to various installation sites to carry out production planning and to do fine-tuning of the production planning. Furthermore, some of the production schedules were run outside of working hours, which also made it difficult – and sometimes even impossible – to access the factory.

Furthermore, ARGUTEC reported that they had a need for carrying out fast interventions at the customers’ sites, which was often a challenge.

An installation with Secomea SiteManagers and a GateManager account however solved the problem.

ELVAC recommended a Secomea solution, which enabled ARGUTEC to obtain fast remote access to their production sites and at the same time save money since they were able to avoid expensive travel to the various installations. The Secomea solution enabled 24/7 access for inspection and adjustment of the system.

Accessing production equipment quickly and reliably is currently one of the main arguments used by ELVAC when promoting Secomea remote access products.

As the ELVAC Marketing Manager Jaroslav Frantisek states: “Secomea remote access has become an integral part of the solution we offer to our customers.”

To achieve increased efficiency through uniformity, WEISS implemented the Remote Device Management (RDM) solution from Secomea A/S.
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