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Baking equipment worldwide is being serviced from Denmark

The Danish-Austrian manufacturer of baking equipment Haas-Meincke uses innovative remote access solution from Secomea to service their high tech machinery worldwide from the factory in Denmark. This reduces technician’s travel costs and ensures customers higher uptimes.

Haas-Meincke, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of baking equipment, bought their first Secomea SiteManager in 2008. An approach, which changed the global picture of the company and since then, resulted in huge cost savings and happy customers.

Since then, Haas-Meincke has installed SiteManagers in all their equipment before shipping them to the customers. As a result, Haas-Meincke and their subcontractor 2E Ellgaard have around 400 SiteManagers installed in equipment worldwide today, five years later.

Like many others, Haas-Meincke started their remote access era with ADSL modems and analogue telephone lines. According to Hans-Christian Jørgensen, however, the Secomea solution has taken the company a quantum leap forward in terms of security and simple installation.

Hans-Christian Jørgensen is so enthusiastic about the solution, that it is now being implemented at the group’s Dutch and Austrian factories as well.

”It is very cost effective to use the Secomea solution. We save travel time, can provide service directly from Denmark, and can do it within half an hour”.



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“Simply put, to us, the Secomea solution means minimum administrative effort combined with maximum flexibility and security.”

- Mr. Manuel Kluibenschädl, IT Administration
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