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Jasopels A/S

Only the best is good enough

By Kim Dahl Nielsen

“With the successful introduction of the Secomea solution for remote service and programming of the fur robots, we have not only reduced travel costs but also improved the quality of our services, and the SiteManager is expected to be a standard component for a wide range of our new machines“.

Jasopels provides products and services to the international fur breeder industry. Solutions includes everything from sheds to feeding- and skinning machines. Jasopels is based in Denmark with production facilities in Poland.

Products such as the fur robot is sensitive to uptime, especially in the high season where they run constantly 24/7 for 3-4 weeks. In the past, remote service was accomplished by 96k modems, but with introduction of more advanced equipment and requirements for increased productivity, faster speed and higher stability was needed.

Today the fur robots at the breeders, have a Secomea SiteManager installed, which provides fast and easy access to both Ethernet and Serial based Mitsubishi controllers.


“We have improved our customer service and have the trust of our customers as a machine manufacturer.”

- Giancarlo Guaglione of Ferlo
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