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My Name Label

My Name Label is a UK franchise producing personalised labels predominantly for children’s clothing and school items such as bags, lunchboxes and water bottles.

After a Ransomware attack on the server, security had to be increased to prevent any future cyber-attacks. Secure remote access is essential for monitoring activity, uploading files, assisting staff with performing tasks and reconfiguring settings.

The decision was taken to use the Secomea Embedded solution, as it allows simple remote access without having to open ports for remote desktop or traditional VPN. Instead, just the default web access ports can be used and traffic is still encrypted.  It also allows a very convenient portal for access from the PC, tablet or smartphone.  Other email and web security measures were also reviewed, but the Secomea solution meant far less risk to the server from a direct attack from the internet via open ports.

Clare Harris who runs the UK company said: “It was a huge headache to be hit by the Ransomware virus while I was overseas, so it now gives me great peace of mind to know that my system is more secure.”


“A stable remote access connection to our machines worldwide is necessary to provide service in the way we have envisioned it."

- Daniel Noorland
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