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LinkManager for Windows


LinkManager is designed for remote programming and servicing of industrial equipment. Running on Windows, it approves access to devices and displays a view of all your sites and SiteManagers. Each device is shown with its configured name, type and online status. Just locate the device you want to connect to, click it, and you are online.


Not only can LinkManager connect to UDP- and TCP-based equipment, but it also includes a virtual COM port driver that makes it possible to connect to Serial equipment (connected to the SiteManager) at the factory. You can even connect to a USB device connected to the SiteManager at the factory, and LinkManager will make the device appear on your PC as if it was physically plugged in.

Download LinkManager


  • Supports both 32 and 64 bit Windows
  • “VPN-like” access to equipment
  • Access to web-enabled devices
  • Access to Remote Desktop (VNC/RDP)
  • Access to USB and Serial devices
  • Layer 2 and Layer 3 tunneling access
  • Browser operated
  • *NEW* Improved user experience by using same GUI as for GM Admin
  • *NEW* Genuine windows application
  • *NEW* Runs in user mode (only first time install requires admin rights)
  • *NEW* Enhanced performance


LinkManager installs a virtual adapter and runs smoothly alongside VPN clients. It is designed for both 32 and 64 bit Windows and runs inside virtual machines such as VMware, ESXi or Hyper-V.


LinkManager vs LinkManager MobileLinkManagerLinkManager Mobile
PlatformWindows 32/64 bitAny PC, MAC, Android or iOS device
Browsers supported for GUIInternet Explorer, Edge, Chrome, Firefox, OperaInternet Explorer, Edge, Chrome, Firefox, Opera
Installs software on the users deviceYesNo
User name + password loginYesYes
User name + password + x509 certificate loginYesNo
User name + password + SMS code loginYesYes
User name + password + SMS code + x509 certificate loginYesNo
Connect to any web enabled device (http/https)YesYes
Connect to Remote Desktop via RDPYesYes
Connect to VNC devices using any VNC clientYesYes
Connect to VNC devices using a browser (in-browser VNC)YesYes
Connect to multiple devices simultanouslyYesNo
Connect to devices and entire networks via Layer 2 (broadcasting layer)YesNo
Connect to devices and entire networks (like traditional Layer 3 VPN)YesNo
Direct access to local IP address of devicesYesNo
Access to IP addresses via proxyYesYes
Remote access to USB devices (aka USB redirect)YesNo
Remote access to Serial devices (aka virtual COM ports)YesNo
License typeFloatingSingle
License can be shared for different devices YesYes
License can be shared for different usersYesNo
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“Having the remote access will save us time and money so we don’t always have to send out an engineer to the site for support visits."

- Nigel Kitchen, Managing Director
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