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LinkManager Mobile

Remote access from anywhere

LinkManager Mobile allows users to remotely access equipment via their iPhone, iPad or Android devices. It is designed for accessing graphical interfaces on PLCs, HMIs or Webcams, for example. It also establishes connections to desktops running Linux or Windows. You simply connect to the device with LinkManager Mobile and you can start a VNC or Microsoft Remote Desktop Client (RDP) and remotely control the device.

Scalable licensing

User accounts for LinkManager Mobile can be freely created in the GateManager Portal – part of the Starter Package. User accounts allow monitoring of equipment status and viewing of event logs. Applying a LinkManagerMobile license to the
account will further allow you to connect to the equipment’s user interface and remote desktop.


  • Operated from any platform with a browser
  • Supports PCs, iPhones, iPads and Android devices
  • Access to web-enabled devices
  • Access to Remote Desktop (VNC/RDP)
  • Access for selected handheld APPs
  • *NEW* In-browser VNC viewer


Download LinkManager

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