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Remote Access

Secure Machine Remote Access

Use the Secomea Remote Access to perform corrective maintenance on your machines with the highest level of security and ease of use. In combination with Machine Data Collection, you can cover all aspects of Secure Remote Maintenance in one simple and secure solution.

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Machine Builders | Factory Owners | Building Automation | Utility


Tech facts

• Automatic device discovery (PLCs, HMIs, etc.)
• Easy deployment via USB
• Security certified ref. IEC 62443 / NIST / BSI
• Layer 2 and Layer 3 support
• Static drag-and-drop tunnel setup
• Automatic Relay VPN Windows client installation
• Remote access to VNC servers via Web browser
• Drag-and-drop role-based management
• Multifactor login
• Full audit trail logging
• Optional on-premise server for full control
• IoT Gateways as both hardware and software

Machine Builders – Instant Service

As machines are getting more advanced, the need to service globally installed machines remotely is escalating. Production is often running 24/7 and immediate action is expected from machine specialists. The Secomea SiteManager IoT gateway is installed on the machine as software or hardware, and access can be controlled to comply with the strictest IT policies. With integrated fleet management and alarm features, you can also assist your customers in surveillance operations. 



It is very cost effective to use the Secomea solution. We save travel time, can provide service directly from Denmark, and can do it within half an hour -Hans-Christian Jørgensen CEO, Haas Meincke

Factory Owners – Full Control

To ensure productivity, factory owners rely on assistance from machine suppliersWith a single tool, you allow specialists to remotely access and service your machines while maintaining full control of your installations and security. With Secomeas intuitive drag-and-drop web interface, you can define fine-grained access down to a single IP address, USB, Serial device, or even port on a PLC or HMI. Access can also be limited to specified time slots, and ”who-did-what-when information is logged centrally. 


”Having the remote access will save us time and money so we don’t always have to send out an engineer to the site for support visits, we can access the unit to monitor the tanker and sort out any issues” – Nigel Kitchen, Managing Director, Pneumatic & Electricial Systems. 

Building Automation – Maximum Security

IoT infrastructures interconnect building equipment with centrally monitored and controlled systemsBuildings are often maintained by many different service providers and using varying types of equipment for HVAC, lighting, elevators, etc. This presents a highrisk vulnerability to cybersecurity attacks. The Secomea Solution provides secure on-demand access to selected equipment, and also secure tunneling to static surveillance using control protocols such as BACnet. You can easily control who has access to which equipment in the building via drag-and-drop user access management. 

”The monitoring provided by Secomea has worked perfectly! We have our SiteManager wired into our solar storage batteries via a DC-DC converter, so even if the AC ever goes off we still have communication. I am very pleased with the installation and functionality!” -Glenn Lett,  Professional Engineer, Global Neighbors.

Utility – Infinite Scalability

Utility installations have evolved from simple IOs, to complex programs with central monitoring and control. The Secomea Solution facilitates static tunneling to centralized SCADA systems, concurrently with monitoring and control access via web browsers and mobile devices, as well as advanced troubleshooting and upgrades via full VPNtype access. 

”We generally have up to 75% fewer service calls by virtue of the remote maintenance possibilities and Secomea makes a very big contribution to this” – Patrick Senger, Head of Electrical Construction, Weil Technology.

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Simple, Scalable and Secure access to any industrial device

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”The Secomea configuration is very simple, even in the customer network. The solution is activated very quickly, and we can access all our used equipment from anywhere."

- Gerhard Mayrhofer, Head of Automation
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