Milestones and achievements

Learn about the peak moments of Secomea’s history


Secomea strengthens security focus as authorized CVE Numbering Authority (CNA), which is the de-facto international standard for identifying and naming cybersecurity vulnerabilities.


Secomea introduces professional services for enterprise customers, with focus on escalated IT and OT compliance requirements with focus on interoperability for automated processes, uptime and security. 


The Secomea Data Collection Cloud (DCC) specifically designed for SiteManager and GateManager is introduced as a turnkey solution for easy OEE and real time data visualization


The SiteManager IoT gateway is extended with data collection abilities in addition to remote access. The SiteManager can now collect data from industrial protocols and push data to several major clouds, such as Amazon and Azure


Secomea establishes Secomea USA, a fully owned subsidiary in Charlotte, North Carolina for strengthening our growing North American activities  


Secomea receives the sixth consecutive Gazelle high-growth award of only 20 companies have achieved this


Secomea establishes a fully owned subsidiary in Tokyo as a commitment to the growing number of industrial automation customers in Japan. 


Secomea starts operations in China and Taiwan via the company Xikenmai (Secomea pronounced in Chinese) located in Guangzhou


The Secomea solution becomes Industry 4.0 compliance certified, addressing the requirements for global factory owners


Secomea starts operations in Canada and starts building a distribution channel in North America


The Secomea solution is the first remote access solution worldwide to become officially end-to-end cybersecurity certified based on industrial standards as IEC 62443 combined with IT standards


Launching SiteManager Embedded software versions for Linux and Windows OS, enabling full SiteManager gateway functionality


The LinkManager Mobile client is launched enabling easy and secure remote access from your smartphone or tablet to any device with web GUI, RDP or VNC abilities


Secomea releases the next generation GateManager M2M server platform, with a modern, ultra-fast, more scalable and entirely web-based frontend


With increasing international awareness for Secure Remote Access, Secomea starts to expand its Distributor network all over Europe


Secomea introduces the first true plug-and-go Secure Remote Access solution for the Automation Industry with the SiteManager and LinkManager that together with GateManager constitutes a true plug-and-go solution for remote device access


Secomea is established through an MBO of all the Firewall/VPN and Secure Remote Access activities in relation to Eastman Kodak’s acquisition of the print division of Intermate


The first Secure Industrial Gateway to facilitate remote access to industrial equipment is launched. The concept is tailored for the automation industry


GateManager M2M server is launched for simplified central management of “TrustGate” Firewall/VPN appliances


A complete line of user-friendly Firewall/VPN named “TrustGate” appliances are introduced for the IT market segment


With foundation in R&D know-how and Network technologies combined with market research and feed-back from existing channels, the company Intermate establishes a separate R&D development branch dedicated to making cost effective VPN for the office segment

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