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DCC Release v. 1.5
5 Aug 2020
Secomea is constantly working to adapt its solutions to match customers’ current needs. During the summer, we were working hard on finalizing a new improved version of the Data Collection Cloud (DCC). Thanks to our developer team and customer f...
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New GateManager & SiteManager Release
26 Jun 2020
We are pleased to announce a new GateManager and SiteManager release – version 9.2B (And 9.0F for 4250/4260/9250) The new GateManager release comes with a new “Tidy Domain” function that makes is simple to clean up your domain fold...
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Secomea Newsletter – May 2020
3 Jun 2020
Read our newsletter for May 2020 and stay updated on the latest news from Secomea. In the May Newsletter we share how Secomea Solutions help drive productivity in the Pharmaceutical Industry and invite you to our exclusive upcoming Cybersecurity Webi...
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Secomea Newsletter – April 2020
24 Apr 2020
Read our newsletter for April 2020 and stay updated on the latest news from Secomea. In the April Newsletter we share our new Uptime Paper, sharing how Machine Builders use remote maintenance to meet the demands of Industry 4.0. You will also find ne...
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DCC Release 1.4
15 Apr 2020
                    We are pleased to announce DCC release 1.4 with various new updates and features. The new alarm feature is particularly relevant to highlight in this release, where it is possibl...
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Introducing the new SiteManager 15xx Series
8 Apr 2020
Industry 4.0 is here. Machines are getting more advanced, production is running 24/7 and data collection is becoming steadily more vital to many of our customers and their clients’ businesses. Based on that trend, we decided to strengthen our p...
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Lets stand together, yet at safe distance
24 Mar 2020
During the past few weeks we have noticed a significant increase in LinkManager user activity. We believe, it is a natural consequence of the increasing travel ban, restrictions and the escalated need to service equipment remotely.  The possibility...
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Secomea Newsletter – March 2020
24 Mar 2020
Read our newsletter for March 2020 and stay updated on the latest news from Secomea. This newsletter edition brings you the latest in remote maintenance, including a new customer case study and info about our upcoming webinar on data logging. Happy r...
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New DCC release
11 Feb 2020
Secomea is now ready with a new DCC release v.1.3, bringing brand new features to visualize your production data. It is now easy to visualize and compare data based on date ranges and with just one click export the data to your local device. Release...
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Release 9.1 is out now!
23 Jan 2020
Security is a top priority in Secomea and part of our DNA. Thus, we are happy to announce a new release for SiteManager and GateManager bringing new security enhancements.  ...
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Advantech collaborates with Secomea to enable reliable Industry 4.0 platforms
13 Sep 2019
The IIoT Group of Advantech and Secomea have formed a partnership to offer a remote an secure connecting platform to the market. Copenhagen, September 13th, 2019 – Secomea and Advantech are glad to announce their partnership, that will allow h...
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Introducing: Data Collection Cloud
28 Aug 2019
Completing the Remote Maintenance Circle We are proud to announce the new Secomea Data Collection Cloud (DCC). The new DCC solution completes the Remote Maintenance Circle and posit...
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Secomea Newsletter – April 2019
3 May 2019
Read our latest newsletter for April 2019: Click ...
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Secomea’s SiteManager is now Microsoft Azure Certified for IoT
17 Apr 2019
Secomea is proud to announce that we are now Microsoft Azure Certified for IoT. Secomea’s SiteManager underwent and passed Microsoft’s technical evaluations that met the compatibility requirements for Microsoft Azure IoT Suite, which is Microsof...
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Secomea Newsletter – March 2019
1 Mar 2019
Read our latest newsletter for March 2019: Click ...
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Secomea Newsletter – February 2019
1 Feb 2019
Read our latest newsletter for February 2019: Click ...
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Secomea Newsletter – January 2019
9 Jan 2019
Read our newsletter for January 2019: Secomea newsletter January 2019 ...
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Secomea Newsletter – November 2018
30 Nov 2018
Read our newsletter for November 2018: ...
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Introducing: The Data Collection Module
19 Nov 2018
Easy Cloud Enabling of Predictive and Preventive Maintenance Now available: The integrated Data Collection Module (DCM) extends the Secomea SiteManager with advanced Edge Data Collection capabilities, that are typically only found in larger and more ...
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Secomea Newsletter – October 2018
31 Oct 2018
Read our newsletter for October: ...
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Secomea Newsletter – September 2018
1 Oct 2018
Read the Secomea newsletter for September 2018 here ...
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Secomea Newsletter – August 2018
1 Sep 2018
Read the Secomea newsletter for august 2018 here ...
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Secomea Newsletter – June 2018
30 Jun 2018
Our latest newsletter for June 2018 is out. Read it here: Secomea Newsletter June 2018 ...
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Secomea Newsletter – May 2018
30 May 2018
Our latest newsletter for May 2018 is out. Read it here: Secomea Newsletter May 2018 ...
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Secomea Release 8.0 – OUT NOW!
14 May 2018
New in Release 8.0: Completely new LinkManager backend engine Use your GateManager account as LinkManager user Streamlined User experience with an updated GUI for the LinkManager The new LinkManager is faster, lighter and easier LinkManager doesn...
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Secomea Newsletter April 2018
30 Apr 2018
Our latest newsletter for April 2018 is out. Read it here: Secomea Newsletter April 2018      ...
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Secomea Newsletter March 2018
30 Mar 2018
Our latest newsletter for March 2018 is out. Read it here: Secomea Newsletter March 2018  ...
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Secomea Newsletter February 2018
28 Feb 2018
Our lates newsletter for February 2018 is out. Read it here: Secomea Newsletter February 2018   ...
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Secomea Newsletter, January 2018
31 Jan 2018
Our latest January 2018 Newsletter is out today! Read it here: ...
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Secomea Newsletter, December 2017
19 Dec 2017
Our latest December Newsletter is out now! Read it here: ...
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Firmware version 7.3 released
16 Oct 2017
Secomea is proud to announce the release of our latest firmware update “Release 7.3” bringing several security related enhancements! Support for SHA-256 In 7.3 we have upgraded the HASH function from SHA-1 to SHA-256 on all communication...
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Proud winner of Gazelle Award 2017
10 Oct 2017
SECOMEA EARNS GAZELLE AWARD 2017 FOR THE 5TH CONSECUTIVE YEAR We are proud to have received our fifth Børsen Gazelle Award. The main criterion for this award is our rapid growth rate since 2013. Moreover, this achievement is the result of us being ...
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Less than a week to | HI | Technology Fair and Expo 2017 – Get your free entry ticket.
27 Sep 2017
From the 3 th  to the 5th of October 2017, Secomea will be exhibiting at the HI 2017 Expo in Herning, Denmark. Meet us at stand E4245 and F017: Among other, you can experience Secomea remote access of a Universal Robot and learn more about our S...
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EPLAN Data Portal now includes Secomea SiteManager
7 Sep 2017
The Secomea SiteManager hardware secure access gateways for industrial installations are now available in the EPLAN data portal, the world leading provider of electrical CAD software. Our secure remote access solution is used by machines builders, f...
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IT Security, Predictive Maintenance and Cloud Based Technologies
28 Aug 2017
As the World leading provider of Secure Remote Access, we are committed to participate and play an active role towards the industry development. Industrial IoT and the Industry 4.0 frameworks are close to heart at Secomea. We are pleased to being a m...
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Secomea A/S is growing stronger!
24 Aug 2017
We are pleased to announce that Kasper Holst Wochner has joined our sales team as Vice President, Sales EMEA+ Kasper brings extensive experience of business development within IT, Mobile, FinTech and related businesses. During the past 20+ years Kasp...
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Newsletter March 2017
28 Mar 2017
COUNT DOWN: Secomea 7.2 is on its way The wait is nearly over. We expect to ship release 7.2 in early April. Our latest release brings you upgrades for the full product range: GateManager, SiteManager and LinkManager. Most fixes and modifications inv...
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Newsletter February 2017
5 Feb 2017
SIMPLY PUT: Why the Secomea solution is a perfect fit for machine builders! It is a fact that the Secomea solution was designed and optimized for the mutual remote access needs of machine builders (OEM). But often the benefits and arguments are ...
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Should I update to 7.1?
17 Nov 2016
Although Release 7.1 contains some nice new features, such as the new trouble-shooting and Auto-reconnect features described in the last October newsletter, some may be reluctant to update due to the risk of breaking something, especially since we ar...
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Try LogTunnel for FREE
11 Oct 2016
Are you one of those customers who can’t quite believe that LogTunnel really is as easy as we say? In that case, why not try it yourself, free of charge. If you’re using GateManager, either as a hosted service or as your own server, you’re inv...
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7.1 smoothens your remote access experience
10 Oct 2016
Secomea 7.1 comes with some exciting new features including the automatic reconnection of LinkManager following an Internet drop-out. As well as a range of patches and fixes for Secomea 7.0, release 7.1 includes upgrades to SiteManager and GateManag...
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Subnet agent
5 Jul 2016
NEW SITEMANAGER AGENT EXTENDS DEVICE ACCESS OPTIONS With Secomea release 7.0 the SiteManager has been extended with new Subnet Agent The release includes the new Generic Subnet Agent that provides access to a range of IP addresses defined by a subne...
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New device search features make secomea even easier
4 Jul 2016
Secomea release 7.0 includes new search features for easy detection of devices The latest release of the Secomea remote access solution includes a smart new search feature for the SiteManager that makes it possible to automatically scan all Ethernet...
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1 Jul 2016
LogTunnel is here! Secomea launches Secomea 7.0, featuring the most significant industry upgrade to date Just 9 months after Secomea launched its 6th major release, the company is ready to launch version 7.0. The company’s CTO Peter Hansen says 7....
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Secomea expands to meet their customers’ global needs
27 Jun 2016
Global provider of remote machinery management solutions, Secomea, strengthens their North American presence and adds a fully owned subsidiary in Japan. Based in Denmark, Secomea is a provider of remote machinery management solutions to machinery ma...
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The countdown to Secomea 7.0
6 Jun 2016
Secomea CEO drops some helpful hints about the forthcoming Secomea release. In October 2015, Secomea launched the 6th major release of its remote management system. It introduced Layer 2 support and full Unicode support, effectively enabling multipl...
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Secomea Update – March 2016
15 Mar 2016
Valued by customers worldwide The Secomea solution is valued by customers all over the world for several reasons. In the following newsletters, we will share with you, what value our solution brings to some of our customers, and why they have chosen...
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Secomea Update, November 2015
20 Nov 2015
SPS IPC Drives 2015 here we come Secomea A/S will once again be amongst the exhibitors of this year’s SPS IPC Drives in Nuremberg next week. We have worked long and hard to put together a very rewarding show for our visitors. We have a row of exci...
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Press Release: Industry 4.0 certification
17 Nov 2015
Secomea solution now Industry 4.0 certified Secomea A/S, a market leader of remote access for the automation industry, announces that the solution and components are now officially Industry 4.0 certified. This ensures compliance and enabling of the R...
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Nyt fra Secomea, september 2015
16 Sep 2015
Den sikkerhedscertificerede fjernadgangsløsning fra Secomea sætter fokus på sikkerheden og skærer samtidig i omkostningerne. Mød op på vores stand E4092 fra den 22. – 24. september eller på Technomania, stand F0032 den 24., og hør, hvordan...
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Secomea Update, September 2015
4 Sep 2015
Secomea launches NEW websites At Secomea, we have spent the last months on restructuring our old website to improve the user experience for our visitors, making it more straightforward and easy to use. As a result, our old site has been divided int...
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Secomea Update, April 2015
24 Apr 2015
Secomea, your door opener Did you know that our remote access solution is a strong and powerful tool to opening doors to customer meetings, due to its transparency towards other brands?Over a long period of time, we have experienced that facing cust...
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Industry Newsletter February 2015
27 Feb 2015
Secomea forces increase With a rapid growing demand for our secure remote access solution and our focus to be close to all our valued customers, we continue to expand the number of Secomea distributor partners.We are therefore happy to welcome HTE T...
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Industry Newsletter December 2014
19 Dec 2014
  Happy Holidays to all customers and partners from the entire crew at Secomea. Thank you for making 2014 a great year. A record number of SiteManagers were sold and installed worldwide, we attended exhibitions and events all over the world and...
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Industry Newsletter November 2014
21 Nov 2014
Secomea obtains official Security Certification We are proud to announce that the Secomea remote access solution, as the first of its kind, has been officially security certified according to the highest security standards. The security audit and as...
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Press Release: Security Certification
19 Nov 2014
Secomea A/S, a market leader of remote access for the automation industry, announces that the solution is now officially security certified and thereby emphasizes Secomea’s key statement: “Security is our number one priority”. Secomea’s remot...
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Industry Newsletter October 2014
27 Oct 2014
Gallus Group chooses Secomea The Swiss company Gallus Group, which is a member of the Heidelberg Group and a world leading provider of label and folding carton printers, has chosen the Secomea solution to service their devices.As a result of the ver...
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Industry newsletter September 2014
5 Sep 2014
Increasing global awareness Concurrently with increasing global presence, Secomea has chosen to boost our global e-marketing awareness. Besides a more intense approach towards our social media, we have added to our future e-marketing ...
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Industry newsletter July 2014
9 Jul 2014
Secomea outdoes itself For the first half of 2014, Secomea continues to surpass expectations of customers, distributors, and even Secomea itself! Secomea’s global sales of its flagship product, SiteManager, continue to climb at an unprecedented ra...
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”GateManager Discovery Service”
27 Jun 2014
A SiteManager’s lifeline to home We recently heard that a competitor of ours claimed ”lack of DNS support” as a disadvantage of the Secomea product. Hmm, quite puzzled we were, as DNS support has always been in our product. Yes, we do advise th...
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M2M and IoT – put into practical context
12 Jun 2014
  ”Secomea – Remote access reinvented for M2M, the IoT, and everything in between” – A punch line from a newsletter published by Secomea distributor Industrial Networking Solutions in the US. The quote is a perfect illustration of the di...
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Industry Newsletter May 2014
7 May 2014
North America in rapid Growth Secomea is gaining momentum in the North American market Recently we became a certified member of the Association For High Technology Distribution (AHTD) and added two new distributors to our professional team of partne...
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Industry Newsletter March 2014
21 Mar 2014
NEW GateManager Usage Statistics Module After a long evaluation and beta period, we are proud to finally present GateManager release 5.5. Besides a long list of improvements and fixes on both the GateManager Portal GUI and the LinkManager Mobile, re...
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Industry Newsletter Dec 2013
29 Dec 2013
Overwhelming success at SPS/IPC Drives 2013 This year Secomea joined the SPS/IPC Drives exhibition with a new booth in hall 10. We did anticipate a lot of visitors, but we did not expect such an overwhelming interest in our remote access solution. W...
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Industry Newsletter Nov 2013
4 Nov 2013
Case study – HMI access at high altitude Recently it was documented in a movie how to make a secure connection to a Schneider HMI panel using LinkManager Mobile. We have already introduced this feature and have experienced a tremendous interest. T...
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SiteManager/LinkManager 5.2 Release
20 May 2013
SiteManager and LinkManager firmware release 5.2.13094 is now available from our download pages. Some highlights: Several new and updated device agents. Improved broadcast support for device discovery. Improved remote USB performance. See the release...
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Industry Newsletter May 2013
14 May 2013
Secomea expansion In March Secomea relocated office and production facilities to a new domicile west of Copenhagen that was formerly the headquarter of Intel Nordic. This was an important step in our growth strategy, and we are now ready to host new...
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GateManager 5.2 Software Release
28 Feb 2013
GateManager Software release 5.2.13047 is now available from our download pages. Some highlights: Previously used X.509 certificates are now directly available in a drop-down list when logging in to the GateManager portal. SMS Wakeup can now be sent ...
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Newsletter January 2013
29 Jan 2013
All SiteManagers are now UL certified ! In January we finalized our UL Listing certification process for the entire SiteManager product line. This was initiated as result of numerous requests from global machine builders, with export to North Americ...
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Newsletter December 2012
17 Dec 2012
Upcoming – GateManager in-a-box In Q1 we will launch our new GateManager server model 4250, which is a shrink wrap plug-and-go GateManager in a 1U rack and with built-in SMS modem. This product is primarily designed for OEMs with strict IT policie...
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Newsletter October 2012
30 Oct 2012
Update on GateManager 5 Since our last newsletter in summer our biggest focus has been on GateManager 5. Many of our customers and partners have already upgraded their GateManager 4 servers, and in September we upgraded our fleet of hosted GateManag...
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Introducing GateManager 5 and LinkManager Mobile
29 Jun 2012
Introducing GateManager 5 GateManager 5 has already been running in production for several months on one of our hosted servers, and we have started to deploy only GateManager version 5 servers for both partners and end customers. GateManager5 is eve...
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New SiteManager 1039/3239
27 Mar 2012
We are pleased to announce the new 1039 and 3239 products with integrated 3G/GPRS, and only requires sliding in a SIM card to get online. The new products complements the existing and extremely popular 1029/3229 models, and have the same form factor ...
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New World-wide Distributors
13 Mar 2012
In the past couple of months we have experienced an overwhelming interest in our Industrial Remote Access Solution from all over the world. A rising global demand for industrial remote access combined with the Secomea state of the art solution target...
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TrustGate WiFi enhancement
5 Mar 2012
With the TrustGate firmware release 13.3 that is now in public Beta and scheduled for release shortly, the Secomea WiFi option will be extended with the N standard. This will allow users to establish WiFi connections up to 150 Mbit to the LAN and WLA...
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New TrustGate model
24 Jan 2012
TrustGate 62 is derived from customer requests for a model positioned between the TrustGate 61 and the TrustGate 160, for targeting small to medium companies. TrustGate 62 is based on the same hardware platform as the TrustGate 61 with the same basic...
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Release 4.5 is ready
13 Oct 2011
Major additions: In addition to on-demand access (using LinkManager) and permanent access using Relays, the SiteManager SiteManager 1xxx and 3xxx models now also support traditional IPSec based VPN by including Secomea’s user friendly EasyTunnel fu...
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TrustGate Release 13.2
13 Oct 2011
TrustGate release 13.2 is now ready for download. It is highly recommended to glance through the release note. Although subject for this release primarily is bug-fixes and improvements, it may be important to you. ...
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New SiteManager 1029/3229
23 Sep 2011
Secomea now expands the portfolio with new hardware appliances for remote access to Serial and Ethernet attached equipment. A SiteManager is the component in Secomea’s solution that typically is installed in a machine control panel alongside PLCs a...
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Press release: Throughput Technologies, new partner in South Africa
1 Jul 2011
Press Release 18 July 2011 Secomea appoints Throughput Technologies as new partner in South Africa Secomea A/S, one of the market leaders on Remote Device Management for the automation industry, announces today the appointment of Throughput Technolog...
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New Setup Assistant for the SiteManager appliances
1 Jan 2011
We have had a spectacular 2010, and we have experienced an extremely busy start of 2011 with an overwhelming interest in the new SiteManager 3129 that we announced in November, and which features the ability to plug in a standard 3G/GPRS option for g...
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WiFi and SNMP for TrustGate release 13
1 Jan 2011
NEW – WiFi Option for TrustGate Over the last few years we have received an increasing amount of requests for WiFi on the TrustGate products. We have been determined that such functionality should provide value within the typical usage of the produ...
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Press release: Sumelec Vizcaya, new partner in Spain
2 Dec 2010
Press Release 2 December 2010 Secomea appoints Sumelec Vizcaya as new partner in Spain Secomea A/S, one of the market leaders on Remote Device Management for the automation industry, announces today the appointment of Sumelec Vizcaya S.L. as partner ...
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New product: SiteManager 3129
1 Nov 2010
SiteManager 3129 DIN-mountable hardware unit includes 2 USB ports for 3G/UMTS option and 16 digital I/O ports for alerts and control. ...
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Press release: Routeco GmbH, new partner in Austria
2 Aug 2010
Press Release 02 August 2010 Secomea appoints Routeco as new partner in Austria Secomea A/S, one of the market leaders on Remote Device Management for the automation industry, announces today the appointment of Routeco GmbH as partner in Austria for ...
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Press release: Flowmatic AB, new partner in Sweden
23 Mar 2010
Press Release 23 March 2010 Secomea appoints Flowmatic as new partner in Sweden Secomea A/S, one of the market leaders on Remote Device Management for the automation industry, announces today the appointment of Flowmatic as partner in Sweden for the ...
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New product: TrustGate 460R
1 Mar 2010
The TrustGate 460R is a high-performance, dual-WAN, dual-DMZ VPN/firewall appliance for head quarters and enterprise users. It includes our unique EasyTunnel Server functionality for easy centralized VPN tunnel setup and management. ...
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IT-Alliancen event: Mobility and Security
1 Jan 2010
Secomea A/S had the pleasure to participate as guest speaker in the IT-Alliancen – Mobility and Security – event. ...
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Press release: New SiteManager 3000 Series
27 Oct 2009
Press Release 27 October 2009 Secomea launches the SiteManager 3000 Series for the automation- and machine builder industry Secomea A/S, one of the market leaders on Remote Device Management for the automation- and machine builder industry, announces...
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Press release: Secomea signs OEM agreement with INSYS Microelectronics GmbH
18 Sep 2009
Press Release 18 September 2009 Secomea signs OEM agreement with INSYS Microelectronics Secomea A/S, one of the market leaders on Remote Device Management for the automation industry, announces today a strategic partnership with INSYS Microelectronic...
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Press release: Strategic Partnership with SmartShare Systems
31 Jul 2009
Press Release 31 July 2009 Strategic Partnership in Unified Communication Secomea A/S, one of the market leaders on Office Network Security, announces today the partnership with SmartShare Systems A/S, a leading and innovative supplier of WAN Optimiz...
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New products: TrustGate 60 & 61
1 Jun 2009
The TrustGate 60 and 61 are powerful VPN/firewall appliances for home and small offices. They include our unique EasyTunnel Client for easy VPN setup and management. ...
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New product: SiteManager PC 6240
1 May 2009
The SiteManager PC 6240 software provides cost-effective remote access to PCs running Windows XP or Vista. ...
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New products: SiteManager 2129 and 2134
2 Mar 2009
The SiteManager 2129 and 2134 hardware units are entry-level versions of the corresponding SiteManager 2029 and 2034 models. ...
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Omron event: Ethernet in Automation
1 Mar 2009
Secomea A/S had the pleasure to participate as guest speaker in the Omron Electronics – Ethernet in Automation – event. ...
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GateManager SSL VPN solution
1 Jan 2009
The GateManager SSL VPN server and client software provides web-based secure remote access to centralized services for large enterprises and hosting centers, offering flexible customization options for integration into existing web portals, networks ...
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New Service: Hosted GateManager
10 Sep 2008
Press Release 10 September 2008 Secomea launches new hosted service offering. Secomea A/S, one of the market leaders on Remote Device Management for the automation industry, announces today the official launch of “Hosted GateManager™” – a hos...
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New product: TrustGate SoftClient
1 Sep 2008
The TrustGate SoftClient is a software VPN client based on Secomea’s unique EasyTunnel technology enhanced to provide automatic download, installation and configuration of software clients, making the setup and use of VPN clients easier than ever b...
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New product: TrustGate 160
1 Jul 2008
The TrustGate 160 is a high-performance, dual-WAN VPN/firewall appliance for medium-size offices. ...
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Press release: Secomea has moved to new facilities
2 Jun 2008
Press Release June 2, 2008 Secomea has moved to new facilities Secomea A/S has moved from Birkerød to new facilities at DTU Scion, thescience park at the Technical University of Denmark in Lyngby, just north of Copenhagen. Anticipating continued pos...
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New product: SiteManager 2034
1 Mar 2008
The SiteManager 2034 hardware unit features two Device ports supporting two separate production networks. ...
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Kodak buys Intermate’s Printing division
1 Mar 2008
The printing division of Intermate has been bought by the Eastman Kodak Company. Read more at Intermate’s web site. ...
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New product: LinkManager 6041
1 Feb 2008
With the addition of the LinkManager to our Remote Device Management solution, supplementing the SiteManager and GateManager products, getting control of remote devices has never been easier – and more secure. ...
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Secomea – the Genesis of a new Company
1 Jan 2008
To enhance focus on each of its business areas, the Intermate Group has decided to split into three separate companies. The printing division continues under the Intermate name, the InterForm400 activities are merged into the company named InterForm ...
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The flexibility and development potential were also key factors for choosing the Secomea solution.
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