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7.1 smoothens your remote access experience

10 Oct 2016

Secomea 7.1 comes with some exciting new features including the automatic reconnection of LinkManager following an Internet drop-out. As well as a range of patches and fixes for Secomea 7.0, release 7.1 includes upgrades to SiteManager and GateManager.

The need for one highly popular improvement was reinforced by the personal experience of our CTO, Peter Hansen, when travelling on the famous Shinkansen bullet train in Japan.

“We knew that our customers were keen to see automatic Internet reconnections,” says Peter, “because many of them had asked for it. I understood why when I was using LinkManager to work remotely from my seat on the Japanese high-speed train. The speed of the train caused frequent Internet drop-outs. Each time it happened, I had to manually login and reconnect to the SiteManager Remote Desktop agent.”

“But we’ve now solved that. With release 7.1, LinkManager automatically re-establishes connection. It reconnects wherever the drop-out occurs: at the LinkManager or SiteManager end. If I’d had LinkManager 7.1 with me on that train, all I would have noticed would be slight communication delays during the drop-outs.”

Other enhancements include a completely new Trouble Shooting section for the hardware-based SiteManager. The trouble-shooter helps support staff and customers diagnose and fix common network or configuration issues. We’ve also introduced improvements to the SiteManager´ embedded products for dealing with unstable connections and random network changes. All in all, 7.1 gives remote users a much smoother working experience.

Changes to GateManager are less visible in 7.1. Optimisations and security patches improve the way it adapts to VPS environments and peripheral services, such as SMS gateways and License Portal integration.

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To achieve increased efficiency through uniformity, WEISS implemented the Remote Device Management (RDM) solution from Secomea A/S.
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