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”GateManager Discovery Service”

27 Jun 2014

A SiteManager’s lifeline to home

We recently heard that a competitor of ours claimed ”lack of DNS support” as a disadvantage of the Secomea product.

Hmm, quite puzzled we were, as DNS support has always been in our product.

Yes, we do advise that you define the IP address of the GateManager in a SiteManager instead of a DNS name, simply because factory networks may not have a DNS server to resolve DNS. But many of our customers use DNS without any problems.

In fact the Secomea solution features a less known extension to DNS lookup called the GateManager Discovery Service (GDS).

This is how it works:

A SiteManager that has no DNS server access, or for other reasons cannot connect to the configured GateManager address, will automatically lookup on the central Secomea GDS server if the DNS or IP it fails to connect to, is listed with another address. If so, the SiteManager will automatically connect that address. This is extremely convenient, not only in relation to DNS problems, but also in relation to customers that are relocating or migrating their GateManager and in the process have to chance IP address or DNS name. If the GateManager is registered on the GDS server a SiteManager located anywhere in the world will always find its way home.

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