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Industry Newsletter December 2014

19 Dec 2014


Happy Holidays to all customers and partners from the entire crew at Secomea. Thank you for making 2014 a great year.

A record number of SiteManagers were sold and installed worldwide, we attended exhibitions and events all over the world and for the second year in a row we were awarded the prestigious Gazelle Prize.

Our remote access solution was officially security certified as the first one worldwide, consequently setting new standards for the entire industry.
We look forward to another year of innovation and growth.


Embracing the entire Scandinavian market

After some successful years in Norway and Sweden, Secomea is now ready to take on the Finnish market. We are therefore happy to welcome the Finnish system supplier Elkome Systems Oy as our new official distributor partner in Finland.
As an importer of products from leading device manufacturers and an experienced system builder with customers including machine and device manufacturers, research institutions, defence forces and industries needing device solutions for challenging conditions or locations requiring special standards, Elkome is a very competent partner for us.

TECH INFO – Unrivaled ALERT Notifications

With the recent release 5.8, a wealth of combinations of SMS and Email alert methods were introduced.
The following is an overview over the many possibilities supported by the solution:

Email delivery methods:

  1. Emails generated by PLC and sent directly using SiteManager as gateway
  2. Emails generated by PLC using SiteManager as mail Relay and sent via GateManager
  3. Emails generated by SiteManager and sent directly
  4. Emails generated by SiteManager and sent from GateManager
  5. Emails generated by GateManager based on status of devices or agents

SMS delivery methods:

  1. SMS generated by SiteManager and sent directly (via integrated modem)
  2. SMS generated by SiteManager and sent via GateManager (also works for SiteManagers without modem)
  3. SMS generated by GateManager based on status of devices or agents

Notification trigger possibilities have also been vastly extended and now support:

  1. PLC triggering a digital input port on the SiteManager
  2. PLC sending a command via Ethernet based on SMS script
  3. PLC using the SiteManager serial port as SMS modem
  4. GateManager monitoring the status of devices, digital ports etc.

Bottom line is that the Secomea solution adapts to any delivery or trigger mechanism that your PLC, HMI, IPC or other industrial device may desire.
This is tightly coupled with our philosophy of having the most flexible remote communication solution for the industry.

Details and configuration instructions are available in the updated application note ”Working with Email and SMS alerts”, which can be found here on the Secomea website.

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Secomea has transformed Sysadvance's ability to provide industry-leading after-sales service. They're not just on top of maintenance issues (remote servicing, preventive repairs etc), they're way ahead of competitors in terms of their ability to monitor performance.
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