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Industry newsletter July 2014

9 Jul 2014

Secomea outdoes itself

For the first half of 2014, Secomea continues to surpass expectations of customers, distributors, and even Secomea itself! Secomea’s global sales of its flagship product, SiteManager, continue to climb at an unprecedented rate with an ever growing number of installations on all continents! Recently Secomea expanded its offering with a GateManager M2M cloud server in Tokyo, Japan and set a new all-time high record in the number of SiteManager units sold world-wide.
Secomea’s unique offering for Secure Remote Access to Industrial Equipment, strong distribution network and customer’s desire for a truly secure, easy to manage solution, has rocketed Secomea to its market leading position………thanks to all!

CEO and President of Secomea, Michael Ferdinandsen, is very pleased with the results and excited to continue leading a highly dedicated, specialized work team that continues to amaze.

M2M and IoT – put into practical context

”Secomea – Remote access reinvented for M2M, the IoT, and everything in between” – A punch line from a newsletter published by Secomea distributor Industrial Networking Solutions in the US, which perfectly illustrates the difficulty people are having in matching up practical needs and buzzwords.
In a highly relevant article just published by us, we define the concept of M2M (machine to machine) and IoT (Internet of Things) and help you place the terms in a practical remote access context. In addition you get advice on what to focus on when choosing a sufficiently future-proof remote access solution for servicing industrial equipment.

Read the full article and learn how to future-proof your remote access solution – Find it here:

Illustration above: Remote access via M2M server
All connections are firewall outbound, encrypted and terminated at the M2M server.

Access control is administered and logged centrally on the M2M server and is typically manageable by non-IT literate personnel.

Concept brochure and concept sheets – One solution suits all!

In April we introduced our latest concept brochure and concept sheets to the delight of our English speaking partners and customers. Since then we have had the materials translated into German and French, as we wish to share our great materials with the whole world. The concept brochure gives you a quick overview of the Secomea solution and the concept sheets help you specify your remote access needs – for at Secomea one solution suits all!
Get our concept brochure and concept sheets in English, German and French and learn how easy remote access can be.


Technews – New releases

We are happy to announce two new and improved firmware releases.

SiteManager and LinkManager Release 5.6
This new SiteManager and LinkManager release includes major feature upgrades as:

  • troubleshooting for 3G connection
  • extended Web Proxy support
  • SiteManager in SMS only mode


The release is already available as Beta, and will be ready as public release within Thursday July 17th and can be downloaded from the Secomea website.

GateManager Release 5.7

The new GateManager release contains major improvements for:

  • export import function for migrating from hosted server to own GateManager server
  • Logging SMS payload in the SiteManager audit log on your GateManager Server
  • Usage statistics reports, also for non-Customer sub-domains.

The GateManager 5.7 release will also be ready as public release within Thursday July 17th and available for download from the Secomea website.
Please note that the download links require login to become active.


”GateManager Discovery Service” – a SiteManagers lifeline to home

A competitor of ours recently claimed ”lack of DNS support” as a disadvantage of Secomea.
We were quite puzzled, as DNS support has always been part of our product!

Yes, we do advise you to define the IP address of the GateManager in a SiteManager instead of a DNS name, simply because factory networks may not have a DNS server to resolve DNS. But many of our customers use DNS without any problems.

In fact the Secomea solution features a less known extension to DNS lookup called the GateManager Discovery Service (GDS).

This is how it works:
A SiteManager that has no DNS server access, or for other reasons cannot connect to the configured GateManager address, will automatically lookup on the central Secomea GDS server if the DNS or IP

it fails to connect to, is listed with another address. If so, the SiteManager will automatically connect to that address.

This is extremely convenient, not only in relation to DNS problems, but also in relation to customers that are relocating or migrating their GateManager and in the process have to change IP address or DNS name. If the GateManager is registered on the GDS server a SiteManager located anywhere in the world will always find its way home.

Registration is all it takes
Are you the owner of or are you hosting your own GateManager server, we encourage you to register your server in the GDS system, in order to benefit from this great feature. You register by sending a mail to, adding ”GDS registration” to the subject line. Please, add your contact information to the mail and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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Through the SiteManager Glenn Lett monitors, controls and, if necessary, reprograms the installation for 24/7 power supply.
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