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Industry Newsletter Nov 2013

4 Nov 2013

Case study – HMI access at high altitude

Recently it was documented in a movie how to make a secure connection to a Schneider HMI panel using LinkManager Mobile.

We have already introduced this feature and have experienced a tremendous interest.

The special thing about this event, however, was that the operation was made +10.000 in a plane over North America, to a HMI located in Denmark.

Watch the movie on YouTube.

Product News – SiteManager Embedded

For several months our new innovation “SiteManager Embedded” have been running field beta, and we have received an overwhelmingly positive feedback!

SiteManager Embedded (SM-E) is a very low foot-print SiteManager application for Windows XP/7/8. Unlike the previous SiteManager Software products (PC and Soft), the SM-E is not based on virtual engines and in fact installs easily on both Standard- and Embedded (XPE) Windows. This makes it ideal for installing directly on a Windows based HMI or IPC.

SM-E is license controlled directly on the GateManager, which makes installation extremely easy. In fact you can pre-install SM-E on any device, and have them connect to the GateManager; but you only pay for it when you apply the license via the GateManager portal.

Two different licenses exist for SM-E: the SM-E Basic license which allows access to the Windows machine itself, and an Extended license, which allows access to IP devices in the same network as the SM-E, just as the hardware family of SiteManagers.

SM-E is designed to be even more customizable, and will be subject for porting to Linux and Windows Embedded Compact (CE) platforms.

New feature – Easy SiteManager configuration via a USB flash stick

We are proud to finally be able to introduce the config-via-USB feature, which allows plug-and-go configuration of a SiteManager without even needing to connect to it. Imagine these scenarios:

  • Your dispatch department has a USB stick with your standard configuration. Their procedure would be: a) order a standard SiteManager model, b) power it on, c) insert the USB stick, d) wait for the status LED to signal ready, and e) ship the SiteManager. When installed, the SiteManager automatically connects into your GateManager domain.
  • You need remote access to a factory for which you do not yet have remote access. a) organize a SiteManager to be purchased locally, b) email someone a configuration file, c) have the person copy the file to a standard USB memory stick and insert into the SiteManager. The SiteManager now connects to the GateManager without anyone needing to configure anything.


This new feature is included with the new 5.4 release of SiteManager and GateManager and supported by all SiteManagers shipped from November 11th

Tech news – New release 5.4 – Just around the corner.

Monday November 11th, the new release 5.4 will become available on our website. Some will notice that we have jumped from 5.2 to 5.4, which also indicates that this is a significant upgrade. A few highlights:

  • Configuration-by-USB (see above)
  • Chat function introduced in SiteManagers and LinkManagers. This allows a technician via a scratchpad in the Browser GUI to have a dialog with a helpdesk.
  • Time controlled account disabling. E.g. disabling a LinkManager account on a certain date, or after next login.
  • You can now enabled auto-logout for LinkManagers, to avoid blocking of licenses.
  • The LinkManager will now show the Domain description, which could e.g. display important information about the factory infrastructure.
  • The LinkManager now shows a round-trip time, which helps determine where the bottleneck may be in relation to slow communication lines.
  • The virtual image for the GateManger 8250 software server has been migrated to our hardened Linux platform that is used in e.g. our high-end TrustGate VPN/FIrewall appliances. The result is a considerable lower footprint, higher security and control.
  • Performance and usability improvements in both LinkManager and GateManager, many new agents in the SiteManager as well as new drivers for 3G USB modems

Event – SPS/IPC Drives 2013

This year Secomea will be attending SPS/IPC Drives in Germany with a bigger booth and a new sales team. read more about the activities here

Hall 10 stand 103

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“A stable remote access connection to our machines worldwide is necessary to provide service in the way we have envisioned it."

- Daniel Noorland
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