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Industry newsletter September 2014

5 Sep 2014

Increasing global awareness

Concurrently with increasing global presence, Secomea has chosen to boost our global e-marketing awareness.
Besides a more intense approach towards our social media, we have added to our future e-marketing platforms. We look forward to sharing all our great news, movies etc. with you online in the future.

Visit our portal, view our great movies in YouTube and follow us in a social media of your choice.

Secomea exhibits in Denmark

Secomea will be exhibiting at Automatik 2014, stand B1554 in Brøndby, Denmark from September 9-11…Visit us and learn much more about and experience a live demo of our unique remote access solution for machine builders and system integrators.
With the remote access solution from Secomea you get the most complete, scalable and cost effective solution in the market. Our solution is extremely easy to install and operate, plug and play in only 15 minutes, and it is highly secure. We look forward to seeing you at stand B1554.

New WiFi option for the SiteManager series

In March we launched our new WiFi option for connecting any Secomea SiteManager model to the Internet via a factory access point. The WiFi option has already been a tremendous success due to industrial WiFi becoming common in factory infrastructures at a fast pace.
However, we have received some feedback, which indicates a need for the possibility to extend the antenna to be mounted outside the electrical cabinet.

By the end of September our accessories list will be extended with a new WiFi adapter featuring a SMA connector, which allows for either relocating or boosting the WiFi signal by means of an appropriate extension cable and antenna.

Installing GateManager in less than 10 minutes?

Secomea is one of the few remote access solution providers that offers customers to install their own GateManager as alternative to the cloud solution.
An own GateManager has the exact same functionality, look and feel as the cloud based solution, which may be why some customers may have the impression that it is too difficult to install.

Secomea has spent significant engineering efforts in making the Secomea installation as seamless as an ordinary router, regardless of whether you choose a hardware or a software based GateManager.

To prove our point, we have made this short screen cast that illustrates installation of a GateManager on a standard PC in less than 10 minutes. The youtube video even includes creation of a LinkManager accounts, and connection to a Secomea SiteManager.

Click the image to go to the screen cast

SiteManager Embedded for Linux

You may have noticed that our Secomea SiteManager software download section mentions a Linux x86 version of the SiteManager Embedded. It has actually been available for a while, but not for public download.
However, in fact it is perfectly functional, and has been running successfully in production in selected customer installations for some time now.

The SiteManager Embedded Linux 6111 installs easily on standard Linux 32/64 bit x86 distributions by means of the integrated installation script, which also prompts for the basic information for connecting to the Secomea GateManager. The SiteManager Embedded runs as a service and starts automatically when the Linux is restarted.

From the GateManager perspective the SiteManager Embedded Linux 6111 looks and feels exactly like the Windows version, activates by the same BASIC and EXTENDED licenses and supports the same features.

The general interest for SiteManager Embedded is increasing, and we have already made custom porting to ARM based platforms for both Linux and Windows CE (Compact) in relation to major projects.
Contact us for more info on possibilities for embedding Secomea SiteManager functionality for various platforms.

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“We have improved our customer service and have the trust of our customers as a machine manufacturer.”

- Giancarlo Guaglione of Ferlo
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