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Introducing GateManager 5 and LinkManager Mobile

29 Jun 2012

Introducing GateManager 5

GateManager 5 has already been running in production for several months on one of our hosted servers, and we have started to deploy only GateManager version 5 servers for both partners and end customers.

GateManager5 is everything we dreamt it would be, and especially the domain administration has been subject for a wealth of functional improvements:

  • Fully Web browser controlled (use PC, iPad, Android etc.)
  • Highly flexible and transparent license and account management
  • All elements are now drag’n’drop (including licenses and accounts)
  • All objects are contained in the same tree view
  • Selectable animated icons for better visualization of status and events
  • Much more intuitive Alert module
  • Automatic SiteManager back-up, and improved replacement wizard
  • Improved event-logging by a completely redesigned Audit module
  • Customizable reports
  • News feeds for notification inside connected LinkManagers
  • Customizable logos to be used on SiteManagers and LinkManagers
  • Improved mail templates for administrator and Llinkmanager accounts
  • Prepared for two factor secured login with SMS two-factor authentication
  • Management of Mobile based LinkManagers

..not to mention a load of usability and performance improvements and optimizations. And for customers with their own GateManager, GateManager 5 is a major step up as well, and a lot of administrative tasks are now performed via the Web GUI:

  • Upgrade the server via the GUI, similar to how you upgrade a SiteManager
  • Automatic extract and install SiteManager firmware from a ZIP archive
  • Customizable mail templates
  • All server configurations are done via the same Web portal

In addition to all this, GateManager 5 is prepared for a much smother migration from one server to another, and The GateManager Java console based GateManager servers, hosted by Secomea will be migrated to GateManager 5 in Q3 (more info will follow).

Announcing LinkManager Mobile

We are proud to announce “LinkManager Mobile”, the first easy solution for instant remote access via a Smartphone, Tablet or PC. A desirable and soon indispensable tool for all machine builders, system integrators and end-users

LinkManager Mobile is a result of numerous customer requests, which can be summarized to:

  • Securely access a Web enabled device, such as PLCs, HMIs, webcams etc
  • .. by any mobile device such as a laptop, iPad, iPhone or Android device
  • .. and administer individual user access easily via a web portal

It was a challenge, and required the GateManager 5 architecture. But now it is here and it has exceeded our expectations. LinkManager Mobile accounts are created and maintained just as regular LinkManager accounts, but are licensed separately and at a lower price. LinkManager Mobile is currently released with user/password login authentication, but will support SMS password two-factor authentication on GateManagers with a SMS module installed.

Contact us to learn more, or to discuss your specific use case.

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