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New device search features make secomea even easier

4 Jul 2016

Secomea release 7.0 includes new search features for easy detection of devices

The latest release of the Secomea remote access solution includes a smart new search feature for the SiteManager that makes it possible to automatically scan all Ethernet devices in the network and suggest a suitable agent type that matches the device. With a single click you can create an agent that previously required manually typing IP addresses and selecting types and models.

USB devices connected to the SiteManager are now automatically detected and listed, allowing the fast creation of a suitable agent with a single click. With release 7.0, the SiteManager now allows multiple USB devices connected concurrently, and even the same type. By connecting USB devices via a USB hub, you can connect as many USB devices as you have free agents.

Secomea CTO Peter Hansen says: “We’re always working to make Secomea more intuitive and easy to use. The new search features not only considerably speed up the setup process, they also eliminate configuration errors and allow people without any network knowledge to safely configure SiteManagers”

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Using Secomea means Singer can be more proactive with customer support and it has reduced the need for engineer call outs.
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