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New Setup Assistant for the SiteManager appliances

1 Jan 2011

We have had a spectacular 2010, and we have experienced an extremely busy start of 2011 with an overwhelming interest in the new SiteManager 3129 that we announced in November, and which features the ability to plug in a standard 3G/GPRS option for getting Internet access.

Over the holidays we have worked intensively to process the valuable input from our customers; where the dominant feedback has been that it should be even easier to setup the SiteManager.

We are therefore proud to pre-announce the SiteManager Setup Assistant, which has been added to the configuration web GUI. The Setup Assistant will lead you through the 5 basic steps of setup, while explaining and suggesting settings.

The Setup Assistant also validates your entries, and ensures that you get notified to fix any missing or faulty settings. The Setup Assistant not only ensure that new customers gets started much faster; it also makes it much easier for existing customers to install or reconfigure SiteManager without having to memorize the steps or reach for manuals.

The Setup Assistant will be launched in February 2011

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"Before we decided to use Secomea products, we always had to make unnecessary additional adaptations on the ground" -Elektrosignal
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