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New TrustGate model

24 Jan 2012

TrustGate 62 is derived from customer requests for a model positioned between the TrustGate 61 and the TrustGate 160, for targeting small to medium companies.

TrustGate 62 is based on the same hardware platform as the TrustGate 61 with the same basic feature set; but is extended with an additional wireless WAN port that is enabled when inserting a 3G/GPRS modem into the USB port. Additionally the TrustGate 62 features a true DMZ port in exchange of the AUX port (aka the ”teenage port”).

The TrustGate 62 dual-WAN feature not only applies fail-over support to the product, but can also be used for increasing the total Internet speed. The two WAN ports can be configured for load-balancing, or you can use the ”advisory routing” feature to force certain protocols to use a specific WAN port.

With the upcoming TrustGate firmware release 13.3, you will even be able to connect a 4G USB modem to the TrustGate 62 and thereby achieve the same or better Internet performance than with an ordinary wired Internet subscription.

See the detailed specs. for the TrustGate62

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