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Newsletter December 2012

17 Dec 2012

Upcoming – GateManager in-a-box

In Q1 we will launch our new GateManager server model 4250, which is a shrink wrap plug-and-go GateManager in a 1U rack and with built-in SMS modem.

This product is primarily designed for OEMs with strict IT policies, such as manufacturers of medical equipment, or for companies that do not want to be dependant of a 3rd party cloud service.
Despite its compact form factor, the server will scale to 1000+ connected devices, due to the extremely compact and optimized design.
Otherwise the GateManager is identical to the cloud based server, and follows the exact same licensing model as the virtualized servers.


  • CPU: 500 Mhz x86
  • 2 x 10/100Mbit
  • DRAM: 256 MB
  • SSD: 32GB
  • Backup/restore: Memory stick mounted in USB port
  • Built-in SMS module:
  • Power 7v-20v
  • No limitations compared to hosted server

SMS Gateway support for SiteManager xx39 family

For the last couple of months, we have run some intensive beta testing on our completely new SMS module for the SiteManagers with built-in GPRS/3G modems.

In extension to the Alert system from the GateManager, it is now possible to use the SiteManager as an SMS Gateway on both the Serial and Ethernet ports.

The Serial port will support SMS via the AT command set, and supports both outgoing SMSes generated by e.g. a PLC, as well as incoming SMS queing that a PLC can scan for.

Likewise the Ethernet port will support the SMS syntax typically used in Siemens code blocks. This means that you configure the recipient phone numbers directly in you PLC program, along with the IP address of the SiteManager. You have full control of to whom and when to send text messages. This has been verified to work fine in conjunction with Step7 as well as CoDeSys.

The SMS features will become available with the new firmware release in December

New GateManager Server Hosting Centre

The new hosting centre is based on fully virtualized servers based on ESXi and SAN backbone controlled by V-Motion.

Apart from UPS on the servers, the centre has generator power backup with automatic startup within 30 seconds.

The site is based on INERGEN cooling and fire extinguishing infrastructure, and is protected by “Building in building” site fencing with alarms and immediate guard notification, and access by card and iris scan.

The hosting centre sits on a fiber ring directly connected to the DIX (Danish Internet eXchange point)

Furthermore the new hosting center has a 100% Green Profile, according to RECS International (Renewable Energy Certificate System) where all Wh used by the hosting centre origin from either Danish wind turbines or Norwegian hydroelectric power stations.

Most importantly the new server IP addresses are part of a PI pool (Provider Independent) fully controlled by Secomea as a registered RIPE member. This ensures that we would not have to change IP addresses again, should we have reason to relocate the hosting site.

The new IP addresses are as follows:

DNS name                 IP address – – – –

Thank you for an exciting 2012

The Secomea solution is based on research on the needs and trends in the automation business, but most of the products, features and improvements are made based on the input of our customers and partners.

We would like to thank you for that, and will promise that it does not stop here. We have plenty of ideas for new features that will be implemented in 2013, and which will further ensure your investment in the Secomea solution.

We wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New year.

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Bosch Packaging Technology implemented a Remote Device Management (RDM) solution from Secomea A/S.
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