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Newsletter October 2012

30 Oct 2012

Update on GateManager 5

Since our last newsletter in summer our biggest focus has been on GateManager 5.

Many of our customers and partners have already upgraded their GateManager 4 servers, and in September we upgraded our fleet of hosted GateManager servers also. This did cause some hick-ups in relation to getting older LinkManager installations at level with the new technology. And for the experienced GateManager 4 users, it did require getting used to the new web based GateManager Portal interface.

But after just a few days with GateManager 5, even the most skeptic users spots the benefits. The three most significant advantages that we have received the most positive feedback on are:

  • Fully Web browser controlled (use PC, iPad, Android etc.)
  • Highly flexible and transparent license and account management
  • All elements are now drag’n’drop (including licenses and accounts)


Short news: Secomea is now starting distribution in Brazil with our partner Omni.

Jointly we will attend the 2012 edition of the ISA Automation fair in Sau Paulo.

New 4 port member of the SiteManager family

Now shipping is our new 4 port model of the SiteManager with integrated 3G and USB port for remote access to USB enabled equipment. This product targets the larger installations where there is a need to access equipment at different physical networks at the site. But the 4 device ports can also operate as a standard switch, and thereby eliminate the need of an additional switch.

The 4 port model exist in 4 variations:

                                           Number og agents          3G/EDGE Wireless
SiteManager 1429       2 upgradeable to 5               Via USB dongle
SiteManager 3429       5 upgradeable to 100          Via USB dongle
SiteManager 1439       2 upgradeable to 5                Integrated
SiteManager 3439       5 upgradeable to 100           Integrated

See the detailed product datasheet here

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The Secomea Embedded solution allows simple remote access without having to open ports for remote desktop or traditional VPN.
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