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Secomea expands to meet their customers’ global needs

27 Jun 2016

Global provider of remote machinery management solutions, Secomea, strengthens their North American presence and adds a fully owned subsidiary in Japan.

Based in Denmark, Secomea is a provider of remote machinery management solutions to machinery manufacturers globally. Machine builders and system integrators implement Secomea solutions into their machines in order to provide their manufacturing customers with remote service and maintenance.
More and more production lines and factories across the globe are becoming digitized, automated and remotely controlled and serviced. In the automation industry, this is known as the fourth industrial revolution, and Secomea has been a part of driving Industry 4.0 since 1999.

Expanding east and west
As a part of globalization, the automation industry is experiencing exponential demand for secure and simple remote management systems. Secomea is expanding its global presence and activities to meet this demand, adding more technical personnel in North America and opening a fully owned subsidiary in Japan.

Secomea CEO Michael Ferdinandsen says, “Our Japanese subsidiary has been in development for the last year and we are very excited to be officially opening it now. We believe having a strong presence in Tokyo will have a strikingly positive impact on our customers – as we can work more closely together to secure the right solutions for their customers.”

In North America, Secomea has added technical personnel to support their network of authorized distributors in the US and Canada. Ferdinandsen continues, “Word of mouth has been good to us in North America where our business is steadily expanding. That means we needed more strong technical minds to support our customers.”

Native languages add simplicity
As part of their easy deployment toolset, Secomea has also added both Chinese and Japanese to the list of languages their remote management system supports. “Simplicity is one of our main priorities as a company,” says Ferdinandsen. “With more and more of our end users based in Japan and China, it will certainly make their lives easier to operate the system in their native language.”
As Industry 4.0 continues to develop and expand, Secomea plans to remain at the forefront. “We’ve been developing remote management solutions since before they became the standard. With more and more global manufacturers relying on remote management, we will continue to work closely with our customers to create the secure, simple solutions for their unique challenges – and we will continue to drive the growth of Industry 4.0.”

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The flexibility and development potential were also key factors for choosing the Secomea solution.
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