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Secomea Update – March 2016

15 Mar 2016

Valued by customers worldwide

The Secomea solution is valued by customers all over the world for several reasons.
In the following newsletters, we will share with you, what value our solution brings to some of our customers, and why they have chosen Secomea as their supplier in Remote Access solutions in the first place.

This time we have two interesting cases for you:

Read here, how Secomea’s remote access solution has enabled Applied Automation, a leading manufacturer of bespoke automated machinery and industrial control systems, to delivering 1st class service to their customers.

And watch this video interview where the German company and global market leader Rösler Oberflächentechnik GmbH, who uses our solution to remotely access their Siemens PLCs and HMIs explains how they have benefitted from using Secomea.


Secomea your data logging enabler

Today the demand for data is higher than ever before. The value of data can be extremely beneficial to your company.
You can:
– Monitor sensors
– Keep an eye on energy consumption
– Analyse your equipment
– Transfer log files
– Predict and optimise service
– Exchange data between equipment

Secomea creates the secure highway for your data. With Secomea SiteManagers installed, you can log data from your equipment.

To learn more click here.

TECH INFO: Release 6.2 highlights

This past Friday our new Release 6.2 became available for download.
Among a long list of improvements and fixes we highlight the following:

SiteManager: Our new 1139 and 3339 4G/LTE models are now available in three model variants covering China, Europe and North America. In US, AT&T and T-Mobile are supported. All models have fall-back to 3G.

LinkManager: The LinkManager software is now digitally signed with SHA256 and thereby complies with the 2016 security requirements defined by major players like Microsoft and Google.

LinkManager Mobile: You can now define a favorite list of agents, which will allow you to connect to preferred devices with a single click, rather than having to open folders and agents. Also the domain view has been optimized for view on small screens.
GateManager: A new ”Open domain in new Tab” option has been introduced that utilizes a browsers multi-tab feature for managing large domain structures in an easy way. Static Relay management has been improved and made more intuitive and finally, Japanese has been added to the list of languages.

Follow this link to learn more.

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Bosch Packaging Technology implemented a Remote Device Management (RDM) solution from Secomea A/S.
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