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Should I update to 7.1?

17 Nov 2016

Although Release 7.1 contains some nice new features, such as the new trouble-shooting and Auto-reconnect features described in the last October newsletter, some may be reluctant to update due to the risk of breaking something, especially since we are dealing with mission critical remote access.

No need to worry! A key architectural design element of the Secomea solution was that updating should be easy and secure. Easy, in the sense of clicking a single button and secure in the sense that you cannot select the wrong firmware and you will not break anything in case of a communication glitch during the update. If communication fails, a SiteManager will automatically come online again with the old firmware. Updating SiteManagers from the GateManager console even allows you to schedule an update of an entire fleet of SiteManagers and the update mechanism will automatically select the correct firmware depending on the SiteManager model.

For the GateManager M2M server, most people would imagine this is a more complicated task, but in fact updating a GateManager is as easy as updating a SiteManager. It is done with a single click and in less than a minute, the GateManager is online again. Additionally, the GateManager includes features for notifying users both by email and when LinkManager users login to GateManager.

For more details on the 7.1 update, check the release notes on our support site.

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