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Try LogTunnel for FREE

11 Oct 2016

Are you one of those customers who can’t quite believe that LogTunnel really is as easy as we say? In that case, why not try it yourself, free of charge.

If you’re using GateManager, either as a hosted service or as your own server, you’re invited to try LogTunnel on a 30-day FREE trial. To claim your free trial, order it from your normal point of purchase, and it will be activated for your hosting account or your own server.

30 days to discover that LogTunnel really is as easy as we say
A free trial gives you all the features of LogTunnel for 30 days. That’s plenty of time to test it out – to prove that you really can set up your own complex network infrastructure using this one simple tool. If you like it and you want to carry on using LogTunnel, just go back to your point of purchase to order the LogTunnel upgrade, which will automatically clear the trial termination.

When you activate LogTunnel you also get the Usage Statistics module free for 30 days. Usage Statistics gives you detailed access logs covering information such as ‘session duration’ and ‘amount of data transferred’.

Order your free trial now and get LogTunnel and Usage Statistics FREE for 30 days.

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“We were very satisfied with the previous use of the system. It is a unique application, which has the functions required to demonstrate industry standards and is reliable”

- Mr. Leitner (Director of Engineering)
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