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WiFi and SNMP for TrustGate release 13

1 Jan 2011

NEW – WiFi Option for TrustGate

Over the last few years we have received an increasing amount of requests for WiFi on the TrustGate products. We have been determined that such functionality should provide value within the typical usage of the product as a business appliance, and not just function as anystandard WiFi router applied to the LAN port.

We are now pleased to announce the official WiFi solution for TrustGate, that extends the existing wired ports (LAN, AUX, DMZ) with WiFi support. Each port can be configured with a unique SSID, and everything is tightly integrated into the TrustGate GUI.

We have even added an additional WLAN port, in extension to the wired ports, for which you can define a separate set of firewall and routing rules for your specific purpose.

All WiFi settings can of course be configured remotely, meaning you have full control of access levels, passwords etc. for each of the corporate user groups and their accessto LAN devices, VPN tunnels and Internet.

Read more about the TrustGate WiFi option at

Central Status Monitoring

SNMP may sound as old wine on new bottles, but nevertheless SNMP is a useful protocol tomonitor the condition of the network, and to setup traps for certain events.

The larger TrustGate models have had SNMP trap support for quite a while, which has typically been used for letting a TrustGate signal if a tunnel is down. With the upcoming TrustGate release 13, SNMP support finds its way into the TrustGate 60 and 61 products as well.

In the same event, we extend the support for SNMP MIB2, which means you can now have your SNMP Server request information from the TrustGate, such as WAN traffic load, uptime, firmware version, uptime etc.

Note that if you are using GateManager to administer your TrustGates, you can of course use the GateManager Console GUI to view such information and also let GateManager send email alerts on critical events. With the recently released ”Group Alert” feature, you can additionally set up for an entire domain that a summary report for failed or connected appliances is sent, and only if a failure has not ”resolved itself” within 30 minutes.

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