Ensure NIS2 compliance easily with Secomea

Are you looking for an OT cybersecurity solution that helps you meet NIS2 requirements? Look no further!

Implementing Secomea’s Secure Remote Access (SRA) solution on your factory premises aligns with the technical measures mandated by the NIS2 Directive.

What’s more, our features address key NIS2 requirements. With Secomea, you can:

  • Manage and control access to your assets with role-based permissions, requests for access, and time-based access provision.
  • Implement Multi-Factor Authentication using SMS or Single-Sign-On (SSO) via Azure AD or Okta.
  • Ensure incident handling and business continuity by connecting/disconnecting machines, reviewing audit logs, setting notifications, scanning files for malware, and monitoring your system security through our Vulnerability Hub.

What’s more, you can speed up your supply chain due diligence checks by counting on the security of the remote access processes of suppliers who use Secomea.

Expert advice and practical recommendations

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NIS2 is the new EU cybersecurity legislation, impacting all the companies covered by the previous NIS Directive, with the addition of new ones – such as organizations manufacturing chemicals, pharmaceutical products, medical devices, food and beverage, ICT products, electronics, machinery and transport equipment, and more.

Entities belonging to these sectors with more than 50 employees or more than EUR 10 Mn of annual turnover need to comply with NIS2 requirements by October 2024.

Find the full list of sectors subject to the NIS2 legislation in this article.

Companies subject to NIS2 requirements must implement preventative cybersecurity measures to mitigate the risk of cyber incidents and fulfill reporting obligations in the event that cyber incidents occur. Moreover, management must be accountable for NIS2 compliance (and can be held liable for compliance failures).

Find a 10-step implementation program to ensure thorough compliance in this article.

If your organization is qualified as an essential entity, inspections will happen regularly and randomly; for important entities, instead, inspections will only be scheduled if an incident has occurred.

There are a few activities you can perform before, during, and after a compliance audit to support its positive outcome. Read about them in this article.

While many companies would prefer to base their compliance efforts on local law or sector-specific industry guidelines to ensure precise adherence, it’s important to recognize that the NIS2 Directive establishes minimum requirements for compliance, serving as a solid starting point for initial activities.  

By the time you have implemented those minimum requirements, national legislation and sector-specific guidelines will have been published, and you will simply have to perform a gap analysis to verify whether additional actions are needed to fulfill them.

At Secomea, we’ve been engaging with customers and users since the onset of the NIS2 Directive to support them as they embark on their compliance journey.

The implementation of Secomea alone is a substantial step toward achieving compliance as our solution can be qualified as one of those technical cybersecurity measures taken to mitigate cyber risks. But that’s not all, because Secomea’s features enable you to precisely address additional NIS2 requirements. Learn more in this article.


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