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How to get started with Secomea Solutions



HOW TO GET STARTED WITH YOUR SECOMEA SOLUTIONS In our “Getting Started” Webinar we will walk you through the basics of setting up your Secomea Solution and help you get comfortable with the fundamental tools. The webinar will guide you through the following subjects:

  • SiteManager set-up and configuration
  • GateManager “first-time login”.
  • LinkManager connection.
  • Agents, Licenses and Certificates.

The webinar is for you who already have The Secomea Starter Package and want to get started quick and easy with a step-by-step guide. Perhaps you already tried to set up the SiteManager, but ran into some troubles or perhaps you just need a refreshing. No worries, we will help you get started. Details:

  • Duration is 1 hour
  • English language
  • After signing up you will receive an email with more information
  • Free to participate.

Webinar “Getting Started” dates:

  • March 10th – 1 p.m (CET)
  • April 14th – 1 p.m (CEST)
  • May 12th – 1 p.m (CEST)
  • June 9th – 1 p.m (CEST)
  • July 14th – 1 p.m (CEST)
  • August 11th – 1 p.m (CEST)
  • September 15th – 1 p.m (CEST)
  • October 13th – 1 p.m (CEST)
  • November 10th – 1 p.m (CET)
  • December 8th- 1 p.m (CET)

Free Webinar: Getting Started with Secomea Solutions

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“We were very satisfied with the previous use of the system. It is a unique application, which has the functions required to demonstrate industry standards and is reliable”

- Mr. Leitner (Director of Engineering)
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