Choose the plan that is right for your automation business and unlock the full potential of your machine productivity. Pricing scales with your needs, so you only pay for what you use. 

Starter Package
The Starter Package is a quick and easy way to get started with secure remote maintenance on a budget.
The SaaS package lets you control, customize, and scale global remote maintenance to industrial machine networks – with ease.



The Starter Package

The Secomea Starter Package makes it quick and easy to kickstart your remote maintenance experience. Available as either SiteManager hardware or software variants, it’s all you need to get going.

The starter package includes:

  • Industrial IoT Gateway (SiteManager) – Choose a SiteManager hardware model with your preferred connectivity option, or the SiteManager Embedded software for installation on your Windows or Linux device.
    If you choose to order SiteManager hardware,  you can select the configuration fitting your needs – find the complete list of SiteManager hardware models here.
  • An Access Management Server (GateManager). Get immediate administrator access to a Secomea-hosted GateManager server, or take complete control with GateManager for Enterprises.
  • LinkManager Remote Access Clients (LinkManager ) – Provide technical staff with programming access to your global industrial networks.
  • Mobile remote access client (LinkManager Mobile): Easy access to web-enabled equipment or remote desktops/VNC from a web browser on your PC, tablet or mobile phone.

Remote access in four steps

Onboarding Remote Access should be easy. Our implementation experts will guide you every step of the way.

  • Intro Secomea Remote Access over a thirty-minute web meeting.
  • Enjoy a high-level presentation of the Secomea Solution from Secomea’s specialists.
  • Discuss your specific commercial and technical needs with our experts.

  • Expand your knowhow with a granular demonstration of the solution’s components.
  • See how the solution operates in a variety of scenarios and IIoT networks.
  • Explore with experts how the Solution integrates with your system. Benefit from our experience implementing the Secomea solution on over eight thousand industrial networks.

  • Get tester access to the Secomea Solution with support from our Solution Design Team.
  • Tune the solution to your systems with running implementation consultancy from Secomea.

  • Negotiate a pricing and service model tailored to your organization.
  • Roll-out your Remote Access Solution.

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