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Applied Automation

Secomea enables 1st class customer service

Applied Automation is a leading manufacturer of bespoke automated machinery and industrial control systems. Its machines are exported all over the world. Ongoing customer support is provided by the company’s engineers based on the south west coast of England. The engineers connect remotely using Secomea for ongoing programme updates and to deal with any issues on site.

A dozen Secomea SiteManagers have been fitted to machines so far, saving approximately 10 trips to Europe, China and around the UK. Secomea is now fitted as standard on any machine for export and on those being shipped to UK businesses more than two hours away. The units are incredibly cost effective. If having a SiteManager installed saves just one trip, it’s paid for itself.

Engineering Director Ian Jacob said: “Removing the need to travel to the customer’s site is a huge benefit for us. Being in Plymouth, our geographic location means it takes at least a couple of hours to get to most of our customers. Connecting remotely saves significant time and money especially for those ongoing programme updates. It also means the customer gets a more instant response. Secomea is fast becoming an essential part of the control system, enabling us to deliver 1st class customer service.

“The security offered by Secomea is also really important for us. While IT departments are usually paranoid about remote access, they are generally convinced by Secomea’s security credentials.”

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Regardless of the challenges, Secomea delivers the most flexible remote access solution – supporting any place, any tablet and any smartphone.
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