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Company Information:

Company name: Przedsiębiorstwo Wielobranżowe DREWMAX Tadeusz Sąsiadek i Wspólnicy Spółka Jawna
Area: Domestic and International
Products: Weighing and packing machines, palletising machines, Big-Bag stations, robotics, production automation
Target markets: Production companies from various branches (animal food, food, coal, chemical, building material production, seeds production)

How Secomea is used:

PLC / HMI in operation: Siemens, Beckhoff, Pro-Face, B&R, GE, Rockwell
SiteManager model in operation: SM1129, SM1149, SM1139 4G-EU, SM3329
Personal User Account: LinkManager secured by 3 Three Factor Authentication
GateManager type: Cloud based hosting
Purposes of using Secomea: Machine service / programming
Which Secomea functions are most helpful: Diagnostics and possibility of remote changing of program

Benefits of using Secomea:

Using the Secomea solution reduces the time our programmers spend on trips. It makes their work more effective. It brings our warranty and post-warranty services to a higher level. This is big benefit for our customers. Secomea has only small infrastructural demands. Cable with Internet, SIM Card or WiFi AccesPoint on mobile phone is just enough. Thus deploying remote access is extremely easy. We benefit from this because of a bigger efficiency of programmers work. Our customers get quick reaction time in case of failure or if more advanced diagnostics is needed.

Our Distributor Partner in POLAND, CompArt Automation Zajdel Sp. J.,  is the Supplier of the Secomea Remote Access Solution and Support towards the company, Drewmax.

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The flexibility and development potential were also key factors for choosing the Secomea solution.
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