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Elektrosignal d.o.o.

Secomea helps Elektrosignal keep water pumping and traffic flowing

The world runs on electricity, so anything that helps to keep electrical installations operating efficiently is going to improve life for all of us. That’s the job of Elektrosignal, a leading supplier of electrical installations for industry, commerce, residential buildings, and municipal utilities. Elektrosignal, which is based in Celje in eastern Slovenia, has customers all across Europe, but especially in southern central Europe.

After 60 years in business, Elektrosignal has developed a wide range of products and services. As well as building and maintaining electrical installations, it manufactures specialist electrical equipment for monitoring and controlling industrial processes and municipal operations. At numerous installations across Europe, Elektrosignal keeps vital services, such as drinking water and road traffic, flowing freely.

Easy system upgrades and optimisation

The problem for Elektrosignal has always been maintenance and upgrades. “Whenever there were problems in the field,” says Elektrosignal, “whether for optimising or upgrading the system, someone had to be physically present at the scene.”

Site visits took time and cost money. As the company grew, they became a drain on the productivity. So Elektrosignal looked for a better way to operate, and chose remote access through Secomea.

“Before we decided to use Secomea products, we always had to make unnecessary additional adaptations on the ground,” says Elektrosignal. “Now we have a reduction in travel costs, faster responsiveness, and more time to devote to other things such as implementation. Training is easier too.”

Secure connections with good technical support

Elektrosignal uses LinkManager for remote programming when they need to optimise their systems or adapt their installations to changing customer needs. SiteManager connections are also excellent for troubleshooting, general process improvements, and for linking remote processes to a SCADA – a central control system.

“The most important areas for us are pumping stations, drinking water pumps, and traffic signals,” says Elektrosignal. “In these installations, it is important to be particularly alert and responsive when problems arise. And when problems do come, Secomea products help.”

“We chose Secomea products for their security of connection to devices, the simple SiteManager user interface, and remote programming and data logging. Secomea also gives us good technical support in our country.”

Our Distributor Partner in Slovenia, Tipteh d.o.o., is the Supplier of the Secomea Remote Access Solution and Support towards the company, Elektrosignal.


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"Secomea is fast becoming an essential part of the control system, enabling us to deliver 1st class customer service."

- Engineering Director Ian Jacob
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