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Secomea is an important building block to us for Industry 4.0

ETEK GmbH is an Austrian company that can proudly look back on 50 years of company history. Core competencies are automation and plant construction, in Austria as well as across all of Europe.

Our products are used in industry, automation and domestic technology.

Our services are focused on providing complete range of electrotechnical equipment for machinery and plants.

ETEK GmbH serves the following customer segments: wastewater treatment plants, sludge watering systems, pumping stations, water supply systems, irrigation systems, combustion plants (TNV and KNV), crane and lifting plants and the vehicle industry.


Use of the Secomea solution for remote maintenance of PLC and HMI is deployed mainly for equipment in use throughout Europe, e.g. in the remote control and remote monitoring of equipment by the end customer, as well as for data acquisition and data transmission of decentralized systems such as pumping stations, etc.

In addition to the deployment of the Secomea Cloud Gate Manager by ETEK, a customer’s own in-house solution (GateManager OWN Hardeware Server, model GM4260) has also been successfully implemented.

SiteManager 1139/4G (Industrial Gateway with 4G modem) is mainly used as a remote access point to connect PLCs such as Siemens Simatic S7-300 / 400 / 1500 / 1200 / PCS7 and the Mitsubishi Q series and FX series.

To connect the machines, ETEK currently uses *) the LinkManager, including the **) LinkManager Mobile by the end user.

*) LinkManager is designed for the remote programming and remote maintenance of industrial plant equipment.

**) LinkManager Mobile provides access to web-enabled applications, such as the individual web GUI of a PLC, HMI or WebCams. Runs on iPhone, iPAD and Android devices.


Does the Secomea solution provide you with features that add specific value to your business?

YES, e.g. data transmission with simultaneous remote maintenance and remote programming. High savings due to reduced travel costs


Please describe briefly why you are using Secomea and its benefits to you.

Secomea Industrial Gateways is premium-quality hardware for industry with a favorable price-performance ratio.
The GateManager platform (management interface) is easy to understand, parameterizable and offers high functionality.
Its domains and group functions assist in the administration of our many customers.
Administration of the permission levels of individual users and groups is easy to set up and control.


Reference example – Wastewater Treatment Plant GAV Lower Zayatal:

Here the existing process control system was replaced by cable modems using postal lines.

Problems here had been due to frequent damage from electrical overload (lightning strike) as well as mechanical damage to the transmission lines due to excavation work. Similarly, due to age, spare parts supply was no longer guaranteed.


New plant system through use of the Secomea remote maintenance solution:

10 outdoor stations (pumping stations and retention basins) were connected to the modem in the station using the Secomea SiteManager 1039 (Industrial Gateway with 3G modem). Data is exchanged via an HMI Beijers TX4A to the Scadasystem CITECT in the wastewater treatment plant. The Modbus TCP driver used transfers the data from Mitsubishi’s decentralized PLC FX series directly to the SCADA application.



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"The good thing about this system is that we never have to go into the customer’s network."

- Per Lundorff
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