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Langzauner is an Austrian company that was founded back in 1924 and rooted in woodworking machinery. Today they deal mainly with presses and press lines for lightweight components made of carbon, glass fiber and other composite materials.

They’re building machines for the aerospace, automotive and sports industries around the globe with is main customer base in central Europe.

They’ve implemented a Secomea solution for the purpose of logging and monitoring machinery faults, but also to firmware updates to increase performance or bug fixes to known problems in the software according to customer requirements.

As remote access points they’re using the SiteManager 1129 and the SiteManager 3329 to connect to PLCs such as Siemens Step7 Classic, TIA Portal, B&R Automation Studio, Pilz PNOZmulti, Lenze Engineer or Allen Bradley converters. Langzauner currently uses the LinkManager to connect to their machinery but are envisioning use of the LinkManager Mobile in the future.

A high value feature when searching for the accessible equipment (PLC, HMI, IPC etc.) in a device network is that Secomea also Supports Remote Access at Layer2, which makes it very Easy to find and to connect to devices that comes with an IP Address and or MAC Address.

Even the smallest changes to a machine at a remote location requires a huge logistical challenge that would require a lot of resources and costs for the engineers – with a lot of downtime due to inefficient travelling. The Secomea remote access solution is even profitable for visits to a client site that’s only a twenty minutes away as an instant connection will still save you an hour of driving.

”The Secomea configuration is very simple, even in the customer network. The solution is activated very quickly, and we can access all our used equipment from anywhere. This means a huge benefit for us because not only are our machines scattered around the world – but our technicians are constantly on the moves themselves. With Secomea we can easily access any machine anywhere, as long as we have an internet connection, unlike using VPN connections that are often blocked” says Gerhard Mayrhofer, Head of Automation at Langzauner.


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"The good thing about this system is that we never have to go into the customer’s network."

- Per Lundorff
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